‘The Brothers Sun’ Season 1 Episode 3 Remember: Eileen Sun takes charge in the face of threats from the Red Ribbon gang

Contains spoilers for “The Brothers Sun” Season 1 Episode 3

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: The second episode of “The Brothers Sun” ended with the entrance of a mysterious girl and a look of terror on Bruce Sun’s face. Meanwhile, Charles and Eileen were on a mission to find the gang that was behind several attacks against them.

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While Charles thinks Sleepy Chan is the mastermind behind all the violence against them, Eileen has her doubts.

Bruce Sun gets kidnapped

A mysterious tattooed woman kidnaps Bruce (Sam Song Li) from school and takes him to a deserted location. Charles (Justin Chien) and Eileen (Michelle Yeoh) learn of the kidnapping from Bruce’s classmate Grace.

The woman introduces herself as June, May’s sister, killed at the club. She feels like Charles killed May and now she’s seeking revenge. The rather tough woman softens as she ends up having a heartfelt conversation with Bruce.

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Charles Sun wants to negotiate with Sleepy Chan

As Eileen sneaks into the dead giant’s house to get information, she finds herself caught in a situation. A man with a red ribbon appears but Eileen, thanks to her clever tactics, runs away. Meanwhile, Charles receives a call in Taiwan and mentions that he wants to discuss peace terms with Sleepy Chan.

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Charles also receives a call from Alexis, the assistant prosecutor who also happens to be his childhood friend from Taiwan. Alexis invites him to lunch and asks him to name the gang that attacked the club in exchange for saving him from trouble.

Eileen Sun takes charge

Charles is not convinced that his mother can handle risky situations, but she proves him wrong with a certain daring. A game of mahjong with a group of ladies proves more successful than trained spies. Charles and Eileen discover Tony Tang, a man who runs the “number 1 seafood restaurant”.

Charles reunites with Bruce, and as tensions rise between him and June, Bruce intervenes to ease the conflict. Through thoughtful conversation, Bruce helps June realize that Charles had no reason to harm May.

June joins the mission

Charles and Bruce take June home and they all have a cozy meal together. Eileen makes the connection between Tony Tang and Sleepy Chan. June says she will join them in tracking down the leader of the Red Ribbon gang.

The episode ends with images of Tony Tang dead in his office. Viewers are left with another mystery surrounding a cop who is part of the Red Ribbon gang.

Is the Red Ribbon gang working for Sleepy Chan? With the murder of Tony Tang, is the danger about to multiply for the Sun family? Will Sleepy Chan come to Los Angeles to negotiate or to kill Charles? Hopefully the fourth episode will satisfy our curiosity.

“The Brothers Sun” is streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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