“The Imaginary” Ending Explained: Do Amanda and Rudger Survive?

Contains spoilers for ‘The Imaginary’

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Netflix’s latest animated fantasy film, “The Imaginary” immerses viewers in a visually captivating and powerful adventure centered around imaginary friends.

Based on the novel by AF Harrold, the film follows Amanda (Evie Kiszel), a young girl with a vivid imagination, and her imaginary companion, Rudger (Louie Rudge-Buchanan).

Together, they embark on imaginative journeys through a world full of excitement and fun.

However, their perfect and peaceful life is interrupted by the appearance of Mr Bunting (Jeremy Swift), an enigmatic individual who hunts imaginary companions.

In an attempt to protect Rudger from Mr Bunting, Amanda has an accident which results in Rudger joining the imaginary town in the library.

However, after the death of another fictional companion, Emily (Sky Katz), Rudger decides to meet Amanda but faces the threat of Mr Bunting.

Did Amanda recognize Rudger in ‘The Imaginary’?

“The Imagination” takes place in a world where imaginary creatures coexist and face the threat of being hunted (@netflix)

Rudger, dressed as the fantasy of Amanda’s friend Julia arrives at the hospital and feels sad to see Amanda lying unconscious.

Upon discovering that Amanda is still alive, he is overwhelmed with relief and tries to wake her from her unconscious state.

In the middle of this, Mr Bunting appears with his creepy imaginary lackey and tries to scare Rudger.

Rudger struggles to free himself from the grip of Mr Bunting’s footman, but he is unable to do so.

In a surprising turn of events, Amanda wakes up and struggles to find Mr Bunting, revealing that she too is unable to see her imaginary friend.

However, she quickly regains her ability to see Rudger, and using her imagination, she transforms the hospital room into an aquatic environment.

Together, Amanda and Rudger escape, with Mr Bunting chasing them both. However, both are soon captured.

What happens with Liz in ‘The Imaginary’?

Mr. Bunting tries to devour Rudger in ‘The Imagination’ (@netflix)

Liz, Amanda’s mother, enters the room and finds her daughter struggling and quickly recognizes Mr. Bunting as the guy who suspiciously visited their house before.

Amanda informs her mother that Mr. Bunting tries to hurt Rudger, but since Liz can’t see the imaginary friend, she finds it hard to believe.

In the middle of this, Rudger encourages Amanda to tell Liz about her imaginary friend, Fridge, and Amanda screams his name.

Upon hearing the name of Fridge, Liz suddenly sees the enormous snake around Amanda, triggering a flashback to when a smaller version of the snake scared her. In that memory, Fridge came to her rescue, and they enjoyed their time together.

Suddenly, Liz is captured by Mr Bunting. Amanda urges her mother to help Rudger. In a surprising twist, Fridge convinces Mr Bunting to eat his ghostly lackey. Later, Mr. Bunting disappeared after eating his imaginary friend.

Liz embraces both Fridge and Rudger. In the final moment, Amanda thanks Rudger for her help, and Rudger asks her to live a happy life. The film ends with them embarking on a final fantasy adventure together.

How to stream ‘The Imagination’?

Photocom of
“The Imagination” photocom (@netflix)

To access the show on Netflix, it is necessary to have a premium membership, as the streaming site provides a range of subscription options to suit your budget.

The Standard Plan with advertising on Netflix requires a monthly membership fee of $6.99 and provides full HD (1080p) streaming.

The Standard Plan, without s, has a monthly price of $15.49. It allows the use of one account on two screens at the same time, with the ability to watch content in 1080p/full HD resolution.

The Premium Plan, priced at $22.99 per month, allows customers to stream content in 4K Ultra HD with Dolby Atmos and HDR on up to four screens simultaneously.

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