‘The Kitchen’ ending explained: Benji affectionately kisses Izi as the cops finally catch up with them

LONDON, ENGLAND: Helmed by directing duo Daniel Kaluuya and Kibwe Tavares, “The Kitchen” depicts a dystopian future where the working class is crowded into a slum-like building nicknamed The Kitchen.

Centered on the theme of social class division, “The Kitchen” explores the life of Izi (Kane Robinson), a resident of The Kitchen, who plans to move into a plush apartment in the affluent neighborhood of city.

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As he puts his plans into action, a new threat arises when Benji (Jedaiah Bannerman), the son of his late ex-girlfriend, raises doubts about whether he is her father.

Meanwhile, unrest among community residents is growing as they face frequent and violent raids by authorities. Will they fight back or will the situation persist?

Is The Kitchen community fighting back?

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Following the brutal chaos of the raid, Lord Kitchener is executed and several others are arrested, prompting Staples and his team to retaliate against the authorities.

The group breaks into the opulent Villa Bueana, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Benji, still reeling from Izi’s betrayal, joins in the chaos.

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However, as chaos sets in, Benji becomes worried and rushes away. In response to this perceived reprehensible act, the authorities launched another raid on the community, indiscriminately beating anyone in their path.

In a counter-offensive move, Staples and his team ambush the police officers, surrounding them on all sides to send a clear message that they will not remain silent.

What’s going on between IzI and Benji?

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Izi visits Benji after hearing about the raid, but Benji is still heartbroken over her decision to leave him alone. Although initially reluctant to forgive Izi for abandoning him, Benji relents after seeing his mother’s funeral factory.

Their attempt at reconciliation is abruptly interrupted by an unexpected police raid. Rushing to their room, they lock the door.

Observing Staples and his team’s response, Benji suddenly asks Izi a question, asking if he is her father. In response, an emotional Izi asks Benji if he wishes he were his father.

Benji responds, “Let’s see how it goes.” Despite the police officers’ savage knocks on their door, the two share a moment of deep warmth.

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