The Lions’ Dan Campbell holds up the challenge flag on Baker Mayfield’s incomplete pass that should have been called a sack.

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Lions head coach Dan Campbell has faced criticism for his challenging decisions in the past. This decision to keep the red flag in the pocket against the Buccaneers in the Divisional Round was no exception.

On an incomplete pass to Baker Mayfield facing a second-and-10 situation from the 12-yard line, Mayfield was pressured by Tyson Alualu and was forced to his right. He threw an incomplete pass that resulted in a third-and-10 on 12, but the play should have been ruled a sack.

Here is further evidence that Mayfield was defeated, which Campbell did not challenge.

Instead of third-and-21, the Buccaneers had third-and-10 and Rachad White tied the game on a screen pass from Mayfield. The Lions scored a touchdown on the ensuing drive, but perhaps the Buccaneers don’t have a third-down situation where a screen pass would cause significant damage if Campbell challenges the play.

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