‘The Masked Singer’ Season 10: Fans Are Convinced Skid Row Frontman Sebastian Bach Is Beneath the Tiki Mask

Los Angeles, California: ‘The Masked Singer’ fans are pretty sure the man behind the tiki mask is former ‘Skid Row’ lead singer Sebastian Bach. Comparing the masked singer’s voice to that of the Canadian singer-songwriter reveals striking similarities in pitch.

Additionally, Tiki’s clue package included a statement, “I got myself into a lot of trouble, yes, rubbed some people the wrong way.” This is reminiscent of Sebastian Bach’s reputation for being outspoken and controversial, which is often reflected in his tweets.

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Sebastian’s musical background also matches the clues. He has experience with an early version of the fortepiano, and Tiki’s clues involve a piano. Tiki’s allusions to partying and getting to know prominent figures in the music industry also relate to Sebastian’s early career.

One fan confidently said, “It 100% has to be Sebastian Bach. His singing style, the way he talks about singing as a ‘pipe’, his past controversies like the bottle incident, and the stuff from Skid Row His dismissal, which was a big mistake, by the way. He has partied with many rock stars, appeared in platform boots as Lady Gaga in ‘Sing Your Face Off’, and his playful personality all points to him being the same. “

Another fan commented, “Signs seem to point to Sebastian Bach. He joined a choir at the age of 8, and has faced several controversies in his career, and the monkey reference is likely Alludes to his song ‘Monkey Business’.”

One wrote, “I would be amazed if this is not Sebastian Bach.”

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“When he said he drank a bitter ale and his mouth fell open, that’s a sign for Sebastian Bach to start fights, especially on Twitter. The Monkey Business song by Skid Row could be Monkey Business. Pineapple from that time. The reference is to when he guest starred on SpongeBob, the list goes on. This is 100% Sebastian Bach,” another added the clue.

Tiki Song in ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 10 (Fox)

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‘The Masked Singer’ Season 10: Clues to the Tiki Mask

Tiki Mask’s first clue package included a ‘snooze’ display on the alarm clock, claiming that he had always dreamed of being a rockstar. He further claimed, “I got to sell millions of records, travel the world, and party with some of the biggest names in music.”

The clue package features a monkey, a skull and Tiki claiming that he has netted himself ‘a lot of roubles’.

The second clue package featured Tiki playing the piano and a drowning face on a display box of tissues. Tiki said he quit partying to focus on his family.

What will ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 10 Episode 10 be about?

‘The Masked Singer’ Season 10 Episode 10 is titled ‘Time to Rec and Roll All Night!’ Is. In this episode, we will see the masked singers of Group B – Tiki, Husky and Sea Queen coming for the competition.

Of the 3 masked singers, 2 will be eliminated; Only 1 will proceed in the show.

The official synopsis reads, “The show celebrates rock ‘n’ roll as Group B finalists perform famous songs from bands such as Kiss, Jon Bon Jovi and Mr. Big; Bret Michaels performs.”

‘The Masked Singer’ season 10 releases new episodes every Wednesday at 8pm ET on Fox.

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