The mysterious planet of the acolyte hints at an important Sith significance

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: “The Acolyte” Episode 6 aired on Disney+ on July 2, 2024. The exciting episode opened on an intriguingly mysterious note as Osha (Amandla Stenberg) woke up on an unknown planet with Qimir (Manny Jacinto) who healed her . .

The planet is green and has an island-like appearance to it. It appears to be deserted and the producers of the show call it Unknown Planet describing it in the frame.

The viewers of “Star Wars” found the planet similar to Ahch-To which was the home of Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) in “The Last Jedi” with its green landscapes similar to the planet which is considered to be the birthplace of Jedi Order.

This planet seems to be rich in Cortex which is the metal that makes Qimir’s helmet. As speculations began to take place about the true identity of the planet, the showrunner of “The Acolyte” spoke about the planet and whether it is indeed Ahch-To.

Lesley Headland confirms that the planet is not Ahch-To

Qimir who is revealed when the Sith Lord tells Osha about his past as a Jedi (@lucasfilm)
Qimir who is revealed when the Sith Lord tells Osha about his past as a Jedi on the Unknown Planet (@lucasfilm)

Lesley Headland recently confirmed that the planet is not Ahch-To and also confirmed that the resemblance to the birthplace of the Jedi Order was intentional by the show’s makers.

Speaking to Collider, Lesley said, “It’s not Ahch-To. I know it’s similar, and it was purposely supposed to be similar in terms of terrain and feeling isolated and surrounded by water and less lush green and more rocky. But the idea is that cortose is mined on this planet, so I don’t think that’s the case with Ahch-To Part of the reason this is his home base is that cortose is a very rare metal in which I don’t say the show, but that’s why it is not Ahch-To,” according to the source

We do see the Cortosis helmet being worked on by Qimir and he asks Osha to try the helmet. Cortez Helmet is an effective defense against lightsabers as it momentarily extinguishes them. Qimir talks about the Cortosis helmet also diminishing the other senses so the Force can take over.

Can Master Sol find Osha and Qimir on the Unknown Planet?

Hassan Taj plays the adorable character Bazil, who helps Master Sol identify Mae (@lucasfilm)
Hassan Taj plays the adorable character Bazil, who helps Master Sol identify Mae (@lucasfilm)

With Qimir and Osha on the Unknown Planet, it makes the task more difficult for master Sol (Lee Jung-jae) to find Osha and Qimir. He has no way of finding them if Mae doesn’t know anything about the planet.

Mae is a prisoner of Sun, after she was caught pretending to be her twin sister, Osha. If Mae can offer some clue about Osha’s whereabouts, Master Sol can enlist the help of Master Vernestra (Rebecca Henderson) in finding Osha and ending Qimir.

He also has the adorable Tynnan Bazil (Hassan Taj) who has a hypersensitive nose and can help them track down Osha. A lot will depend on Master Sol’s backstory, which will probably be revealed in the next episode. If Mae trusts Master Sun after the backstory, she will help him find Osha.

How to stream ‘The Acolyte’?

Joonas Suotamo in 'The Acolyte' (@lucasfilmltd)
Joonas Suotamo in ‘The Acolyte’ (@lucasfilmltd)

“The Acolyte” Episodes 1-6 are streaming on Disney+. To watch the show, you’ll need a Disney+ Subscription. To stream ‘The Acolyte’, you’ll need a Disney+ subscription.

The basic membership plan with ads costs $7.99/month while the premium plan (without ads) comes at $13.99/month or $139.99/year.

‘The Acolyte’ trailer

Episodes 1-6 of The Acolyte are streaming on Disney+.

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