The star of “Love Island USA” Aaron Evans gives Kaylor Martin an ultimatum

MAMANUCA ISLANDS, Fiji: “Love Island USA” Season 6 ramped up with the social media challenge. The viewers’ tweets revealed that Kaylor Martin did not see the full Casa Amor betrayal of Aaron Evans. However, Kaylor was left despondent and sad and began to question her bond again.

Aaron tried to defend his actions but Kaylor confronted him over the drama in the preview for the next episode and told him not to make it all about himself. She said, “Stop making it about you Aaron. It’s not about you now.”

However, Aaron seemed to be frustrated with Kaylor and shared with his BFF Rob Rausch that she has to make a decision now. Aaron gave Kaylor an ultimatum and said, “She either has to drop it or drop me.” The Peacock showman added, “It’s one or the other.”

“Love Island USA” Season 6 islander Aaron Evans gives Kaylor Martin an ultimatum (@pavo)

Aaron Evans wants to “shower” with Daniela Rivera

“Love Island USA” star Aaron Evans was recently exposed during the Social Media Challenge. Kaylor Martin had a conversation with Aaron’s Casa connection Daniela Rivera and asked her if she told her the full truth about their time in Casa.

However, Daniela admitted that she didn’t lie about anything but she forgot to share Aaron’s comment with her. Daniela revealed that Aaron told her to shower together. Meanwhile, Aaron insisted that he was only joking and never showered with Daniela.

Aaron Evans claims
Aaron Evans wants to “shower” with Daniela Rivera (@pavo)

Kaylor Martin remains single despite Aaron Evans’ betrayal

“Love Island USA” Season 6 star Kaylor Martin received a video of Aaron Evans’ betrayal just before the Casa’s reunion. She was left devastated by the drama but expected Aaron to return to the villa with the bombshell but still chose to remain single. Aaron especially came back to the villa alone but Kaylor wasn’t ready to be reunited with him just yet.

However, Kaylor confronted Aaron over his infidelity and said, “The fact that I was thinking, like, literally, like, wanting to be like exclusive with Aaron, and I couldn’t even tell him that.” She added, “He clearly didn’t feel the same way. I was nothing but so respectful here, not just because of his feelings, but because that’s how I really feel.”

Kaylor Martin slams Aaron Evans during Casa reunion (@pavo)
Kaylor Martin slams Aaron Evans during Casa Amor reunion (@pavo)

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