‘The Trust: A Game of Greed’ Contestant Julie Theis’ ‘Lie’ Jeopardizes Her Relationship With Jake Chocholous

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, CARIBBEAN: Season 1 contestants Julie Theis and Jake Chocholous developed a romantic relationship while cuddling on the Netflix show. However, the couple has yet to share an official update on their possible romance.

Julie and Jake still follow each other on social media and also comment or like each other’s social media posts, which is clearly a good sign. It’s likely that they continued to maintain a long-distance relationship, or at least as friends, as Jake lives in Florida and Julie is based in Houston, Texas.

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During season 1 of the Netflix series, Jake and Julie grew closer and stayed together to protect each other. Julie’s attraction was clearly visible when she voted for Simone Stewart to leave the trust to protect Jake from elimination, as she thought Jay Patterson was voting for Jake to kick him out of the game.

However, Julie and Jake’s connection seemed to hit a roadblock during episode 7 of the Netflix show. During the trust ceremony, host Brooke Baldwin handed each candidate an envelope with the names of the person they voted for to leave “The Trust.”

Julie told Jake she would vote for Winnie, but then backed out without giving him any information. However, Julie voted for Juelz, Simone and Bryce Lee and Jake was disappointed after noticing Winnie’s name was missing from the card.

“I was a little disappointed in Julie that we didn’t see Winnie’s name on that card because we expected her to fully act on what she said she was going to do. If “she wasn’t comfortable with that, she should have told us. (…) Finding out never feels good afterwards, when you’re finally forced to reveal your hand,” he said. declared.

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Julie Theis confronts Jake Chocholus over leadership drama (@netflix)
Julie Theis and Jake Chocholous have yet to share an update on their potential romance (@Netflix)

Tolu Ekundare warns Julie Theis about Jake Chocholous

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“The Trust: A Game of Greed” contestant Tolu Ekundare was afraid that Julie Theis would end up breaking his heart. She brought Julie in for a chat and warned her about Jake.

Julie protected Jake throughout season 1 but Tolu claimed that Jake would not do the same. Tolu called Julie and said, “The fact that you say you can’t vote for Jake because you’re so loyal to him – because he would never vote for you.”

She added: “You chose Jake over Simone. You’re going to choose Jake over Winnie.” Tolu further noted that Jake would save Brian over Julie if he had the choice, but Julie wasn’t ready to listen to the Netflix show contestant’s suggestion.

Meanwhile, Winnie also agreed with Tolu’s argument and said, “Jake doesn’t love you, baby. He doesn’t see anything of you outside of this house.” She added: “Don’t let this man play you and that’s what he does. Jake doesn’t care about you.”

Tolu Ekundare warns Julie Theis about Jake Chocolous (@netflix)
Tolu Ekundare warns Julie Theis about Jake Chocholous (@Netflix)

Julie Theis and Jake Chocholous get cozy in the pool

Julie Theis and Jake Chocholous had a romantic moment in a swimming pool, far from the strategy of the game and the fear of elimination. The couple reunited and confessed their admiration for each other.

Jake told Julie: “From day one, you were like, ‘I’m a bad bitch,’ but it’s like I noticed you had a protective nature and then eventually you got over it, because ‘At the end of the day, what did you keep saying? ‘Guess what? You make me feel safe. You make me feel safe.'”

He added: “I’m like, ‘Yeah, I want you to feel safe.'” However, Julie then asked Jake why he’s been single up until now and what exactly he’s looking for in his partner . Jake shared, “Because I couldn’t find anyone who left with me.”

He added: “I’m looking for someone who kind of matches my values ​​and my ideals. Someone who’s on the same wavelength as me in terms of wanting to nurture, give, care, just someone one who gives as much as I give.” Jake noted, “And if I hadn’t seen anything from you, I told you I would have gone way back.”

Julie Theis and Jake Chocolous have a romantic moment at the pool (@netflix)
Julie Theis and Jake Chocholous have a romantic moment in the pool (@Netflix)

The Season 1 finale of “The Trust: A Game of Greed” premieres Wednesday, January 24 on Netflix.

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