The Uses Detail How They Relate To Roman Reigns And It Might Surprise Many WWE Fans


  • Roman Reigns and The Usos probably had the best time of their respective careers as part of The Bloodline.
  • Amid their on-screen work together, fans often ask about their real-life relationship, so let’s check it out now.

Roman Reigns has been a prominent name in the WWE for about a decade now, and his influence has also helped The Usos rise to mainstream stardom. The team and The Tribal Chief are from the great Anoa’i family, and they were able to further enhance the already exceptional reputation of the famous bloodline in the professional wrestling industry.

Although they started their careers in separate ways, they eventually got the chance to work with each other, and the whole stint was really incredible. Throughout their unification on television, Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso were introduced as Roman’s cousins ​​through the promotion. But that’s not what they are in real life.

Jimmy Uso revealed the real relationship between them, and his comments made it crystal clear that Roman Reigns and The Usos are not cousins. The truth about their relationship was revealed during the couple’s appearance on Chris Van Vliet’s podcast. During their interview with the popular public figure, they shared that Reigns is their uncle.

The Usos and Roman Reigns
The Uses and Roman Reigns (Credits- Wrestling Inc and X)

They revealed this after the host asked them about how they related to The Head of the Table. Answering it, they stated, “Actually, technically, Roman is our uncle. Because my dad and Roman are cousins. We’d grow up saying Wassup Uncle Joe, and he’d be like don’t call me that.” This might be surprising to many fans, but this is the truth.

Through this interview, the Samoan stars made the revelation about their real life situation with the former Undisputed Champion. Moreover, it was shared that The Tribal Chief did not like to be called uncle, and therefore the twins used to tease him by calling him by that name, which shows that they are also quite close to Roman Reigns in real life.

What is the relationship between The Usos and The Rock?

While the relationship between The Usos and Roman has always been a topic of discussion among fans because of the work they did together in the WWE. But another person whose connection with this legendary team has been talked about a lot by the public is The Rock.

Everyone knows that Dwayne Johnson’s relationship goes far beyond their interactions on screen, because Jey and Jimmy belong to the same family as The Final Boss. But what their connection is, many do not know; however, it was revealed during The Usos’ conversation with Chris Van Vliet regarding their family.

In the interview, Chris asked the twins if The Rock was also their uncle, to which they quickly said, “No, that’s a cousin. That’s like a distant cousin.” In addition, Jey jokingly said, “You know we got about 47 uncles. Man, we deep man.” It should be noted that Dwayne is a distant cousin to The Usos, as they are not related by blood.

YouTube video

Despite not belonging to the same family, they are quite close, and consider each other cousins. Although Jey and Jimmy are not currently working as a tag team, as Main Event Jey is now a megastar on RAW, it will be interesting to see if they join forces again in the future to continually build their legacy as the greatest. label ever.

Roman Reigns and The Usos had an iconic run as The Bloodline

While the greatness The Usos achieved as a tag team is legendary, their run with Roman Reigns as The Bloodline was also iconic. In fact, the saga has been going on for more than three years and seems to be going on, because Solo Sikoa is the leader of the group, but the formation happened after Jey Uso lost to Roman at Hell in the Cell 2020 in “I Quit”. a match The match had the condition that if Jey lost, he would follow the orders of Reigns, and thus they would reconcile with each other.

The Tribesman continued his Universal Championship reign with the fan favorite Uso at his side, but when Jimmy returned in May 2021, things got a little tense as he wasn’t happy with them. But all that didn’t last long, and The Usos soon won the SmackDown Tag Titles. It was the beginning of The Bloodline’s dominance over the company, as they held the titles all the way into WrestleMania 38.

The Bloodline
The Blood (Credits- Cut Wrestling and WrestleTalk)

At the show, Reigns won the WWE Championship from Brock Lesnar and thus became the Undisputed Champion. Similarly, The Usos defeated RK-Bro on the May 20 SmackDown show to become the Undisputed Tag Team Champions. From her until WrestleMania 39, The Bloodline remained double champions, when The Usos lost their titles to Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens at The Show of Shows.

During the event, Roman successfully defended his Undisputed title against Cody Rhodes, but after that, signs of friction between the stable began. At Night of Champions in May 2023, Jimmy Uso betrayed Roman after The Tribesman disrespected him. In June, Jey also reconciled with his brother, and they defeated Reigns and Solo Sikoan at MITB.

On the July 7 episode of SmackDown, they attacked Jimmy and took him out of action, which led to a match between Main Event Jey and Roman Reigns at 2023’s SummerSlam. At the show, Jimmy Uso interrupted, and turned his back on Jey Uso. This led to the end of their run as a team when the fan-favorite Uso was drafted to RAW. On the other hand, Jimmy Uso rejoined Roman’s faction, and they continued their work as a team.

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The Usos stayed away from each other for a long time, but then fought each other in a match at WrestleMania 40. While this was happening, Roman Reigns entered the show as the Undisputed WWE Champion, as he was set to defend his title against Rhodes. At the show, Roman lost his title to The American Nightmare, and it was a path filled with many twists and turns.

From betrayals to the inclusion of Dwayne Johnson as The Final Boss and guys like John Cena, The Undertaker, and Seth Rollins coming to Cody’s aid, it was handled exceptionally well by the creative team and Triple H. Even though the loss to Rhodes ended Roman’s reign, it’s true that there couldn’t have been a bigger stage for The Tribal Chief to end the historic run.

In fact, having Jey and Jimmy involved in the encounter was also great, as they were a prominent part of the saga. Now that Reigns is on hiatus after his WrestleMania XL loss and Jimmy Uso was taken out by Solo, it remains to be seen what’s next for them. Will The Tribemaster align with The Uses to reform The Original Bloodline, or will we be in for more surprises? Only time knows the answer to all questions.

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