Theresa Nist’s wedding dress: Find out the designer and cost of ‘The Golden Wedding’ star’s bridal suite

LA QUINTA, CALIFORNIA: Theresa Nist gets a second chance at love. Theresa’s wedding dress for “The Golden Wedding” has piqued the interest of “The Golden Bachelor” viewers more than ever.

“The Golden Bachelor” fans saw Theresa and Gerry fall in love and get engaged in the season 1 finale. As Gerry got down on one knee, Theresa looked stunning in her silver and lavender sequin dress.

Theresa Nist, the star of
‘Golden Wedding’ star Theresa Nist will walk down the aisle in a dress and veil to complement her wedding cake (Instagram/theresa_nist)

Designer Randi Rahm gave stylist Cary Fetman a selection of about 15 dresses (one costing $60,000) that she thought would suit Theresa and Leslie Fhima, and they both amazed her with their choices.

Theresa chose a sequined dress that was both beautiful and sensual. Theresa’s dress has a provocative slit, sequins, a plunging neckline and a faded texture, and it’s part of Randi’s collection.

When you see this outfit and realize it’s by Randi Rahm, you know the designer loves it! Fashion these days is more about suits, but what she loves about these dresses is that they are for real women and they both look stunning.

The designer was delighted that these women leaned into her and chose stunning, sensual dresses, because everyone should feel attractive in my designs, regardless of age, height, size or other factors. Fans are now curious to know about her wedding dress and its price.

The only other wedding Bachelor Nation witnessed was when The Bachelor’s Catherine Giudici married Sean Lowe. “The Bachelor bride wore a Monique Lhuillier strapless lace, fit-to-flare wedding dress with a mega sparkly belt – Monique’s Spring/Summer 2013 Perfection, minus the bow. Indeed, perfection.

Her 12 bridesmaids wore pale pink dresses from Monique’s bridesmaids collection.

Although it’s not confirmed whether Randi or Monique will return with their magic for “The Golden Wedding,” Bachelor Nation is surely hoping for another success from her.

Theresa has ideas for how she wants her dress and veil to appear, as well as ideas for “what the cake should look like.” She chose floral hues and plans to buy a lot of them “because my daughter and I are both gardeners,” she told PEOPLE.

“I have roses and gardens in abundance.”

ABC broadcast the couple's wedding
ABC broadcast the wedding of “The Bachelor” couple Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici (ABC)

Who was Golden Wedding star Theresa Nist married to?

Theresa receives a second chance at love, but she still mourns the loss of her late husband, William “Bill” Nist.

“Billy and I met when I was 14 and he was 16. We got married when we were 18 and 20,” Theresa wrote in one of her Instagram posts, which also contained adorable flashbacks from her and Bill.

“Billy passed away nine years ago today. I remember my late husband and all the veterans who served our country so that we could be free, not to do what we want, but to do what it takes,” she continued.

Golden Wedding star Theresa Nist was married to William “Bill” Nist for 42 years (Instagram/theresa_nist)
Golden Wedding star Theresa Nist was married to William “Bill” Nist for 42 years (Instagram/theresa_nist)

What did ‘The Golden Bachelor’ star Theresa Nist wear to her first wedding?

Before she was named “The Golden Bachelor’s” Gerry’s future fiancée, Theresa uploaded an Instagram photo commemorating the ninth anniversary of Bill’s passing. On November 11, a photo of young Theresa and Bill walking down the aisle on their wedding day was shared.

Her wedding dress included historical elements like long, puffy sleeves and a high neckline. She also wore a pretty veil with lace floral appliqués placed on top of the headpiece and wrapped around her long hair.

She is holding Billy, who is wearing a white tuxedo jacket, classic black pants, black bow tie, and classic dress shoes.

The star of
‘The Golden Wedding’ star Theresa Nist shared a photo from her wedding to her late husband William “Bill” Nist (Instagram/theresa_nist)

Theresa Nist’s Family to be Airlifted to ‘Golden Wedding’ – All Expenses Paid by ABC

According to her brother, Vinny Galanti, Theresa’s close-knit Italian family will be coming to California on January 2 and will stay until January 7.

“We’re happy. My whole family is going. Everyone’s flying. So all the expenses are paid – plane tickets and hotels,” Vinny told the US Sun.

“A lot of my family members have never experienced this kind of thing before. I’ve traveled a lot in my career for bodybuilding, and I’m used to it, so it’s going to be pretty cool to see their faces about how they are going to be cared for.”

Theresa’s immediate family consists of her brother, her two sisters, Mary and Charlotte, as well as her son Tommy and daughter Jen.

She also has six grandchildren, three of whom were able to attend the local dates. Vinny also mentioned that several of their friends and family from her late husband Billy’s side would be attending the wedding.

Aside from the family being taken on a “vacation,” according to Theresa’s brother, everyone is “100 percent” happy with the quick engagement.

ABC will pay to transport Theresa Nist's entire family to
ABC will pay to fly Theresa Nist’s entire family to ‘The Golden Wedding’ (Instagram/theresa_nist)

Save the date! “The Golden Wedding” airs on ABC on Thursday, January 4, 2024 at 8 p.m. ET, and all Bachelor fans are encouraged to tune in live.

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