“This documentary…who cares?” – Alexander Volkanovsky is ready to spoil Ilya Topuria’s huge movie plan

Ilya Topuria is already running as the UFC champion as far as how he’s been acting lately. He changed his MMA record to 15-0 on his Instagram bio and is already calling himself the UFC champion. The talk does not stop here, Topuria is also recording a documentary called “Road to the Belt”. And, of course, Topuria hasn’t even won a title yet.

For him to do what he’s doing, it speaks volumes for the confidence Topuria brings to the table, but whether or not it all pays off, only time will tell.

It’s only sometimes that you see such a build-up, and the back-and-forth leading up to the fight is proof that things could heat up as we get closer to UFC 298.

Alexander Volkanovsky is ready to teach Ilya Topuria a lesson

Ilya Topuria hasn’t shied away from taking shots at Alexander Volkanovski, and it looks like he’s finally getting Volkanovski’s attention. The UFC featherweight, in a recent conversation with Main Event on YouTube, shared his thoughts on Topuria’s trash-talk and what he makes of his documentary.

“I don’t care about the fact that he did it, but it shows me where he’s at. He does not literally…he is happy with the things given to him.” Volkanovsky said.

“This documentary, like who cares. This is just one chapter. Now they’re going to need a few extras so they can, you know, there’s going to be one or two, because he’s not getting it this time. So the road to the title is not over yet, so it will need another documentary after that.” He further added.

Alexander Volkanovsky did not back down at all and promised to give Ilya Topuria a polite lesson. He also said that Topuria would come out as a “good man, a good father” after losing at UFC 298.

Volkanovsky didn’t stop there and mocked Topuria’s documentary further, joking how it might need a sequel to complete its story. As for UFC 298, The Great Alexander Volkanovsky believes it will be an easy night for him in Anaheim, Calif. And he can’t wait for Ilya Topuria to change his Instagram bio after it’s all said and done.

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