Ticket prices, attendance and more about Allegiant Stadium

The Super Bowl is regarded as one of the biggest sporting events across America, drawing together countless celebrities and fans from around the world. It is a blend of sports, entertainment and tradition to such an extent that fans will pay anything to see it live at least once in their lives. The Super Bowl marks the culmination of the NFL season with some of football’s greatest moments on the global stage.

With the 2024 Super Bowl just around the corner, some of Hollywood’s most prolific personalities are set to head to Las Vegas to be a part of the celebration. As such, the San Francisco 49ers are scheduled to play the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. For obvious reasons, Super Bowl Sundays have become one of the most watched sports on television.

This makes us wonder how many fans will come together to be a part of this historic event and if they will surpass last year’s numbers.

Attendance at Super Bowl 2024

The game between the Patrick Mahomes-led team against the 49ers will take place in Sin City. Vegas officials hope to attract about 450,000 visitors. However, only a fraction of stadium attendees make secure entry. The action will take place at Allegiant Stadium, home of the Las Vegas Raiders which offers a standard seating capacity of 65,000.

It looks like the crowd size for the game will exceed that amount, as around 72,000 people are expected to pack the stands. By contrast, the 2023 Super Bowl drew about 73,000 fans, according to bolavip.com.

Allegiant Stadium: Arena for Super Bowl 2024

Allegiant Stadium, which happens to be the largest entertainment venue in the city, is a spectacular addition to the Las Vegas Strip. Collaborating with key partners such as HNTB, Manica Architecture, CAA Icon, and Mortensen & McCarthy Joint Venture (MMcJV), the venue is a marvel. It also provides built-in maintenance services as a fruit of structural and cosmetic engineering.

Due to its flexible layout, Allegiant Stadium can host a variety of activities to make it the perfect venue for this year’s Super Bowl. The stadium features innovative design elements, including a translucent cable-truss-supported roof and walls that allow a panoramic view of the Las Vegas Strip.

Additionally, on game days, the field is moved seamlessly indoors with the help of hydraulic actuators that satisfy seismic requirements and maintain comfort for visitors.

NFL Price: How Much Do Tickets Cost?

Being one of the most famous events, the Super Bowl is a dream for many to attend. However, given the high demand for tickets, the event is notorious for charging almost a fortune for its passes. However, many bold hearts take the big step to attend the annual event. Once affordable at just over a hundred dollars, the latest Super Bowl tickets can cost thousands of dollars even for the cheapest seats.

Prices vary significantly depending on seating proximity to the game. StubHub reports that the average cost per ticket sold is about $8,500. As seen on StubHub’s platform, costs range from about $5,470 to an incredible $196,875, the latter being the Premium Pass.

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