Travis Scott keeps the place going despite trying to shut down the GQ Sports Super Bowl party

Travis Scott was having a great time.

The “Astroworld” rapper joined several other A-list athletes and entertainers like Odell Beckham Jr. and Stefon Diggs at the GQ Sports Super Bowl Party on Friday night, co-hosting the event with GQ’s global editorial director Will Welch. and chef Mario Carbone.

Guests enjoyed signature cocktails made from 1800 tequila and Carbone provided his signature spicy rigatoni pasta to balance the booze.

Zac Bia was turning tables all night at the VIP party – which was held at the stunning Nomad Library – before Scott took charge, say eyewitnesses.

The Grammy-winning rapper, who made everyone put away their phones, played several of his hits as partygoers hit the dance floor – only for the lights to return to full brightness as the clock struck 2am.

However, Scott, 32, made it clear he wasn’t ready to go home just yet, urging Welch to dim the lights and keep the party going.

“We just got a night party,” the “Goosebumps” rapper said into the microphone. “We’re not going home yet.”

After about five minutes of pleading, Scott’s request was finally answered as the lights dimmed and the party began.

Even though the bar stopped serving alcohol, the VIP guest list picked up where they left off on the dance floor.

However, hotel security shut things down after about 30 minutes and escorted all guests out of the secluded restaurant and into the Park MGM entrance.

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Page Six caught up with Bea on the Fanatics red carpet the next day, where she told us that — despite Scott’s best efforts to keep the party going — the two went home afterward.

“I went home and slept,” he told us, noting that he had to prepare for his DJ set at an exclusive Michael Rubin event. “I’m sure he went home too… He’s a fair guy.”

The producer explained that most of the star-studded crowd didn’t want to go anywhere else after being in such an intimate event.

“An environment like that is really friends and family oriented,” he said. “It’s less of a big party so I think when you get everyone together in one room, it leads to things happening because everyone is having a good time.”

Like Bia, Scott also took the stage at Michael Rubins’ exclusive event—a possible reason why he didn’t seek out another party after leaving the library.

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