Triple H Desperately Tries To Stop Drew McIntyre From Leaving WWE in RAW Backstage Footage

Drew McIntyre has been a constant name among the top guys in WWE for a few years, and fans believe that he will finally get his moment with his home country fans in Scotland. With that belief, The Scottish Warrior challenged Damian Priest for the World Heavyweight Championship, but ended up getting screwed by a returning CM Punk.

The Best in the World ensured that McIntyre lost his chance to win the prestigious title, and Drew was obviously unhappy about it. After his heartbreaking loss at the Clash at the Castle PLE, Drew McIntyre appeared on RAW, and what he revealed was truly shocking. During his promo on this week’s show, the veteran suddenly said, “Screw this company, I give up.”

It was an unexpected moment for the audience, because no one saw it coming. But it was also surprising for Triple H, because he was spotted convincing McIntyre after this announcement of the 39-year-old superstar. During his interaction with the 6-foot-5 performer, The Game desperately tried to stop Drew from leaving the company, but it appeared that McIntyre was true to what he said as he quickly walked away from Hunter.

After McIntyre’s revelation in front of a packed house on WWE RAW, many theories emerged as to the reason behind his decision. But it seems that this move is a result of the setbacks he has faced in recent months. His title loss to Priest at WrestleMania 40 and then Punk’s interference costing him the prestigious title again are probably two events that were too huge for him to handle and eventually caused him to leave the Stamford-based promotion.

Triple H’s desperation shows how great Drew McIntyre has been as a heel

Watching The Game try to convince The Scottish Warrior was a bit of a shock to part of the WWE Universe. But Triple H’s desperation to stop the Monday Night RAW superstar shows just how great Drew McIntyre has been as a heel. Ever since he joined the dark side, Drew has been on a roll, and his exceptional character work has revolutionized his wrestling career.

Not only was his mic work as a heel amazing; in fact, McIntyre was also incredible inside the ring. His recent feud with Damian Priest and his slow-simmering rivalry with CM Punk has seen him put in some of the best work of his career, which is why Hunter probably isn’t ready to let Drew McIntyre quit. But, since the in-ring star did so on this week’s RAW, it remains to be seen what’s next in line for his future with the Triple H-led promotion.

Drew McIntyre could be interrupting CM Punk’s SmackDown appearance

The Scottish Warrior announced he was leaving WWE during his latest appearance on the red brand. But it’s possible that it’s all part of his plot to get revenge on The Second City Saint for costing him the World Heavyweight Championship in Scotland. If that’s the case, Drew McIntyre could interrupt CM Punk’s SmackDown appearance.

As revealed by Punk during his appearance during the post-event press conference after the most recent PLE, he would most likely be on the blue mark for this week’s episode. Since the show will be in the veteran’s hometown of Chicago, there’s a good chance that McIntyre will appear on Friday’s show to give CM Punk a taste of his own medicine.

If that ends up being the case on the upcoming edition of SmackDown, it will make this rivalry even more personal. In addition, it will also guarantee that Punk vs. Drew may end up being one of the headline matches at this year’s SummerSlam. If WWE does indeed book them for a match at The Biggest Party of the Summer, it will be interesting to see who ends up being the victorious participant in their high-profile encounter.

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