Tristan Thompson’s Workout Footage Has Fans Asking How He Even Had a $120 Million NBA Career

Video footage of Tristan Thompson getting in some shots during practice recently went viral and gained quite a bit of attention from NBA fans. To those who may not be aware, Thompson is a 33-year-old veteran who entered the league back in 2011.

Since we are currently in the middle of the offseason, there are very few games for fans to watch and enjoy. Therefore, clips of NBA stars practicing and improving their skills are one of the few sources of entertainment for fans. That said, let’s take a closer look at the latest video and also find out how the fans feel.

Tristan Thompson won the 2016 NBA championship with LeBron James

People who have been following the NBA for years will know that some of the best years in LeBron James’ career were with the Cleveland Cavaliers. One of the key members of King James’ team during those multiple postseason runs to the Finals was Tristan Thompson.

While Tristan may not have done much for the Cavs in terms of offense, his rebounding and defensive abilities have made him a valuable asset to the team. He was even rewarded for his hard work and effort with an NBA championship in 2016.

Although Thompson has been a decent player for the majority of his career, he is currently 33 years old and appears to be on the final stretch of time in the league. Since players like LeBron and Steph are significantly older than Thompson, one has to wonder why public opinion seems to be against him.

Fans are not happy with Tristan Thompson’s shooting skills

As already mentioned, Thompson was not great on offense and averaged 8.7 points during his career making only about 25% of his three-point attempts. After video of him missing several inside jump shots was noticed, fans wondered how he made over $100 million in the league.

As the NBA is more offense oriented in today’s era, there’s no denying that Thompson missing so many practice shots is cause for concern. While it is possible that he missed those shots on purpose with some unknown intent, it is more likely that he just had a bad shooting that was caught on camera. In any case, fans are left wondering if Tristan Thompson will be able to deal with these issues before next season.

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