“Tyler Perry’s Divorce in the Black” Ending Explained: Who Killed Dallas? A gripping finale leaves us wanting more

Contains spoilers for “Tyler Perry’s Divorce in the Black”

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: “Tyler Perry’s Divorce in the Black” revolves around Ava (Meagan Good), who remains in a toxic marriage with Dallas (Cory Hardrict), suffering humiliation and emotional abuse.

The Prime Video movie opens with the death of Dallas’ brother. This tragedy further complicates Ava’s situation, as Dallas’ family becomes even more hostile and judgmental towards her.

Ava’s family, on the other hand, does not hold back their opinions about Dallas’ brother, bluntly stating his involvement in criminal activities.

The film shows Ava’s life over the years in her marriage to Dallas, showing the continuous abuse she faces from Dallas’ family.

At home, Dallas continues to abuse and humiliate Ava. In an attempt to repair their relationship, Ava decides to make him feel better by booking a table at a restaurant and inviting her friend Rona (Taylor Polidore Williams) to join them.

However, instead of appreciating her efforts, Dallas humiliates her publicly during the dinner. The situation escalates, and Dallas finally files for divorce, leaving Ava devastated and questioning the future of their relationship.

Ava finally realizes her true worth in ‘Tyler Perry’s Divorce in the Black’

Meagan Good as Ava is a pleasure to watch
Meagan Good as Ava in “Tyler Perry’s Divorce in the Black” photo shoot (@primevideo)

As the film progresses, Dallas forces Ava to grant him a divorce. His behavior becomes increasingly hostile, even attacking Benji (Joseph Lee Anderson), one of Ava’s friends who has feelings for her. Dallas goes so far as to call Ava out of character, further humiliating her and adding to the emotional abuse she endures.

Later, in a moment of vulnerability and seeking comfort, Ava asks Benji to make love with her. However, Benji, understanding the emotional complexity of the situation and his original feelings for Ava, gently declines. He expresses his desire to be more than just a passing distraction for her, saying that he wants to be on her mind for the right reasons.

Ava finally understands her worth and decides to take a stand for herself. Determined to break free from the toxic marriage, she signs the divorce papers.

As she does this, she consciously ignores Dallas’ presence, refusing to engage with him or acknowledge his attempts to belittle her. This act of defiance infuriates Dallas, who is not used to Ava asserting her own will.

Later, Rona throws a divorce party to celebrate Ava’s newfound freedom. During the party, Benji and Ava grow closer. Watching from the outside, Dallas becomes angry and jealous when he sees Ava move on and find happiness without him. Rona’s husband, who is also Dallas’ friend, asks him to leave.

After the party, Benji drops Ava off at her house. The intimate and supportive gesture brings them even closer and they make love.

The next morning, Dallas shows up and declares his intention to give their marriage a second chance just because he can’t bear to see Ava happy without him.

Meagan Good as Ava and Cory Hardrict as Dallas in a photo of
Meagan Good as Ava and Cory Hardrict as Dallas in a still from “Tyler Perry’s Divorce in the Black” (@primevideo)

However, Ava stands firm and declines his offer. She declares that she would never ask a man like Dallas to stay in a marriage that brought her so much pain and humiliation.

However, Dallas goes to Ava’s room, finds Benji there, and explodes in anger. He begins to physically attack Benji, perhaps driven by his feelings of betrayal or possessiveness.

Benji and Ava manage to push him out of the house.

Ava finally gets revenge on Dallas in ‘Tyler Perry’s Divorce in the Black’

Meagan Good as Ava in a still from
Meagan Good as Ava in “Tyler Perry’s Divorce in the Black” photo shoot (@primevideo)

As the film progresses, Dallas becomes increasingly violent, culminating in the disturbing act of killing Benji’s animals and threatening Ava’s mother.

Ava’s father goes to their house, but Dallas’ family injures him and leaves him for dead. Fortunately, Ava arrives in time and rushes him to the hospital.

Ava decides to get revenge and calls Dallas, telling him that he has always been mean by praising Benji for his amazing love and sex. She says she is in the house and going to sleep with Benji.

However, Ava plans to lure Dallas to her house. When he arrives, she confronts him about his behavior, recording the entire confrontation. As Dallas becomes physically violent, Ava defends herself by fatally shooting him.

She then turns the recording and other evidence over to the police to corroborate her claim of self-defense.

At the hospital, Ava’s father begins to recover, and they find happiness together. When Dallas’ family confronts her, she firmly states that it’s over.

In the end, Ava finally gets her happy ending with Benji.

‘Tyler Perry’s Divorce in the Black’ is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video

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