‘Tyler Perry’s Divorce in the Black’ review: Meagan Good is the soul of a triumph-over-tribulation film

Contains spoilers for “Tyler Perry’s Divorce in the Black”

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: ‘Tyler Perry’s Divorce in the Black’ has officially premiered on Amazon Prime Video. Meagan Good portrays Ava, a role that delves into the emotional journey of a young banking professional navigating the challenges of divorce.

The film also stars Cory Hardrict, Joseph Lee Anderson, and Taylor Polidore Williams in pivotal roles. However, Meagan is the heart and soul of “Tyler Perry’s Divorce in the Black.” She gives a great performance, portraying Ava with depth and authenticity.

The Prime Video movie is full of emotional moments of parenting that touch the heart deeply. However, there are certain negative elements in the film that can be difficult to watch. This includes the toxic behavior of Dallas (Cory Hardrict), which is prominently portrayed throughout the film.

Meagan Good’s performance in “Tyler Perry’s Divorce in the Black” brings Ava’s journey to life

Meagan Good as Ava in a still from
Meagan Good as Ava in “Tyler Perry’s Divorce in the Black” photo shoot (@primevideo)

Meagan Good delivers a phenomenal performance in capturing Ava’s transformation from a submissive wife to an independent woman who learns to stand up for herself. Her portrayal develops beautifully throughout the film, which is definitely worth watching.

Meagan skillfully portrays Ava’s initial vulnerability and uncertainty, gradually depicting her growth and empowerment as she confronts the toxic behavior of her husband, Dallas.

At first, Ava exhausts every effort to save her marriage, enduring emotional torture and disrespect. However, with the guidance and support of her parents, she gradually comes to know her own worth.

Embodying such a character is not easy, but Meagan rises to the challenge effortlessly. Through her performance, viewers can truly feel Ava’s pain and growth on screen. Meagan shows Ava’s inner struggles and strength in a way that feels real.

At times, Meagan’s portrayal of Ava is so authentic that it feels like Ava is a real person facing real challenges. Through subtle gestures, expressions and reactions, Meagan conveys Ava’s inner turmoil beautifully.

Meagan’s dialogue delivery is also perfectly on point, especially during pivotal scenes where Ava discusses what it means to be a good wife.

“Tyler Perry’s Divorce in the Black” strikes the right emotional chords with a compelling storyline

Cory Hardrict as Dallas and Meagan Good as Ava in a photo of
Cory Hardrict as Dallas and Meagan Good as Ava in a still from “Tyler Perry’s Divorce in the Black” (@primevideo)

“Tyler Perry’s Divorce in the Black” is full of emotional moments. From heartbreaking conversations between Ava and her mother to tender moments of self-discovery and empowerment, the film hits the right note.

However, some scenes of the movie can feel repetitive because Ava’s friends and family keep telling her to leave Dallas right from the beginning.

Throughout these scenes, the dialogue and interactions between Ava and her loved ones echo similar sentiments. This tip takes up a good 30 minutes of screen time.

However, these scenes help highlight Ava’s vulnerability as she takes time to understand her own worth. Through the repetition of advice from her friends and family, the film portrays Ava’s gradual realization of her worth and the meaning of her decisions regarding her marriage.

Meagan Good as Ava and Cory Hardrict as Dallas in a photo of
‘Tyler Perry’s Divorce in Black’ highlights the struggles of a wife with a toxic husband (@primevideo)

Cory portrays the role of Dallas, Ava’s toxic husband, with a striking intensity that can be difficult to watch at times. Cory’s performance skillfully exhibits the characteristics of a toxic partner: emotional manipulation and lack of empathy.

His scenes can be difficult to watch as he convincingly shows Dallas’ controlling and hurtful behavior. However, his performance helps viewers understand the impact of Dallas’ actions on Ava and their relationship.

The plot is compelling as it portrays a woman trapped in a toxic marriage who gradually discovers her self-worth. Initially trapped in a marriage marked by manipulation and emotional turmoil, Ava’s character develops into a happy and independent woman.

Overall, it is a must watch movie for those who appreciate a compelling plot. Meagan fans will surely love this Prime Video movie.

‘Tyler Perry’s Divorce in the Black’ is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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