Tyrese Haliburton on Team USA for 2024 Paris Olympics Makes the Least Sense

Does Tyrese Haliburton deserve a spot on the Team USA roster? As most NBA fans should be aware, the 2024 Paris Olympics are about to begin and Team USA is favored to win the gold medal. Since they couldn’t win the 2023 FIBA ​​World Cup, the USA sent their best available players.

While every player representing Team USA has undoubtedly done enough to prove himself as an elite talent, some are simply more experienced than others. In fact, the gap in experience and accomplishments between members on the roster is something that might interest fans.

Tyrese Haliburton is one of the least experienced players on Team USA

With a roster primarily comprised of stars like LeBron James, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard and Jayson Tatum, Tyrese Haliburton is the odd star out. He is nowhere close to most of his new teammates in terms of accomplishments. After all, Haliburton is 24 years old and has only established himself as a certified star in recent times.

Although he managed to take the Indiana Pacers to the Eastern Conference Finals this season, there are simply other guards who have done more during their careers to earn this position. However, Haliburton averaged 20.1 points and 10.8 assists this season.

Those numbers clearly demonstrate that his role will primarily be one of facilitating for his teammates. While Haliburton ended up getting the spot on the Team USA roster, many fans believe another star should have gotten it over Haliburton.

Several other stars could have been given a spot on Team USA

Kyrie Irving managed to prove all the doubters wrong this season by helping the Dallas Mavericks make it all the way to the NBA Finals. Although he didn’t play too well and ended up losing the Finals, Irving did a lot more during his career and established himself as one of the best point guards in the league.

The same case could be made for Damian Lillard, Donovan Mitchell, Trae Young, and several others. One has to wonder if Haliburton is better or more experienced than these stars. If Team USA doesn’t end up winning, fans can blame Tyrese Haliburton and claim he couldn’t live up to the pressure. Unless he plays particularly well, his selection will be scrutinized.

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