Uber Eats replaces controversial part of Super Bowl ad after backlash

It is shelved.

Following the backlash, Uber Eats removed a segment of its Super Bowl ad that roasted people with peanut allergies.

The minute-long commercial, which centers around Oblivion, stars Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, David Beckham, his wife, Victoria, as well as rapper Jelly Roll and Usher, who is set to perform at halftime.

In one scene, a man who has broken out in hives and has a swollen eye can be seen eating from a jar of peanut butter before commenting: “There’s peanuts in peanut butter?… Oh, that’s the primary ingredient.”

Uber’s announcement immediately hit the headlines when it debuted on Tuesday, with social media users arguing it was rude to the millions of people who suffer from life-threatening allergies.

“We are incredibly disappointed by @UberEats’ use of life-threatening food allergies as humor in its Super Bowl ad,” non-profit group Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE) said. It was written on X. “The suffering of the 33M+ Americans with this condition is no joke. A fatal food allergy is a disease, not a diet. Enough is enough now.”

CEO of FARE, Dr. Sung Poblet said Friday that she spoke with Uber, which changed the ad it aired to a larger Super Bowl audience by “editing out the peanut allergy reference.”

The Post reached out to Uber representatives for comment.

The new ad, which was shared by the ride-sharing company on Sunday, now shows a man who has forgotten how to “hold a seat.”

However, the original ad still exists on YouTube at an unlisted link.

It includes a pseudo-disclaimer that says: “Please, please don’t forget that peanut butter contains peanuts.”

For some, updating the ad wasn’t enough.

“You really had a great professional as far as the peanut allergy guy goes,” sneered one X user in a now-deleted post.

“Food allergies aren’t funny, and they’re definitely not forgettable,” gushed another. “When you joke about allergies you’re teaching people that it’s okay not to take it seriously, and that can have deadly consequences.”

“Believe me we don’t forget we have deadly food allergies, we deal with it every day,” added a third person. “Take it seriously, please stop playing with our lives not funny.”

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