UFC Gets Dirty to Save the $20 Million+ Gate for UFC 303 Even After Conor McGregor’s Exit

No, UFC has not said no to refunds. But they did everything they could to make sure fans wouldn’t cancel their tickets to keep the $20 million gate that Dana White announced weeks before UFC 303. And if you call that cheating the fans of what they were initially promised , it won’t. be wrong

UFC’s silence on the matter and ESPN pulling the McGregor vs Chandler PPV card from their official website only added fuel to the rumors. It was only after the official announcement of a new main event was revealed by the UFC, which includes Alex Pereira vs. Jiri Prochazka and Brian Ortega vs. Diego Lopes, along with Anthony Smith vs. Carlog Ulberg, that Conor McGregor released a public statement about his retirement.

To assume that McGregor decided to withdraw from the fight on the very same day that the promotion announced the replacement bouts is patently foolish. Dana White not only withheld this information from the public, but pulled a dirty trick to ensure a certain sense of confusion surrounding UFC 303.

UFC fans are eligible for a refund for their UFC 303 tickets

Having said that, it really isn’t in the UFC’s hands to decide whether or not fans are guaranteed a refund in such circumstances. The rules according to the Nevada Sports Commission guarantee a full refund if there is any change in the main event.

According to Item No.2 of the NAC statutes chapter 467.255, “If such change or substitution [Main event] occurs and any patron wishes to have the price of the patron’s ticket refunded, the promoter must refund the patron’s money if the patron requests a refund from the promoter within such period after the promoter has publicly announced the change or substitution as the Executive Director deems acceptable. .”

However, there is a catch. This refund guarantee is only for fans who purchased the UFC 303 ticket from the official T-Mobile Arena website. Several fans also pointed out that other ticketing platforms refused to issue a refund.

So, it goes without saying that fans won’t lose money if they choose to get a refund for their UFC 303 tickets. But, what about the hotel and plane tickets that may or may not have been affected by the delay in announcement? UFC had the option to reveal McGregor’s exit, well in advance, ensuring that fans had the time to deal with other monetary losses that they must have incurred.

Be that as it may, neither the prices of the tickets nor a refund notice was announced by the UFC on its social media. In this case, UFC did not act in the best interest of its fans, who remained confused about these policies, but in the best interest of its own business, which, by the way, is what is expected of advertising.

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