UFC legend calls Taylor Swift a witch after fans accuse Ice Spice of a “satanic ritual” at Super Bowl 58.

Super Bowl weekend ended with the Kansas City Chiefs emerging victorious once again. There were numerous talking points that emerged surrounding Taylor Swift. Due to her recent appearance, many conspiracy theories have started doing the rounds.

For those unaware, Swift is a famous American singer-songwriter and has gained a global following for her work. Recently, she attended Super Bowl LVIII supporting her boyfriend, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. However, her actions, especially the hand gestures during her recent concerts, have mostly been labeled as ‘satanic’ gestures. Recently, the gesture was also performed by Ice Spice at the Super Bowl, while seated next to Swift.

As the two musicians sat together in a private suite, fans saw Ice Spice making the same demonic gestures that Swift has done in the past. One of the fans took to his X account and said, “In fact it is a big satanic ritual.” Notably, the rapper also wore a cross necklace, which was upside down, inviting further controversy. As such, a segment of the community believes that both artists are satanists, as they believe they were satanic symbols.

Fans react to Ice Spice’s video (Credit: X)

Thus, taking to social media, former UFC fighter Diego Sanchez called the pop star a ‘witch’ in a comment. Next, this was followed by UFC featherweight contender Bryce Mitchell, adding more fuel to the fire. “I know (W) brother, it’s Xena who is the demonic leader who has been living away from Adrenachrome for 500 years. Straight up witch.” For the most part, both fighters hold their fanatical beliefs, but they may be on to something in this one.

Taylor Swift has been compared to famous Satanist, Zina Love

While Diego Sanchez once made headlines for his ‘out of the box’ training regiment with former coach Joshua Fabia, Bryce went viral for his love of Christianity and flat-earth principles. Thus, many MMA fans were delighted when the two decided to share their thoughts on the matter.

However, Sanchez and Mitchell aren’t the only ones who have pointed out Swift’s ‘satanic’ tendencies. In the past, as ‘Thug Nasty’ pointed out, numerous comparisons have been made between Zeena Love and Taylor Swift. According to reports, she is the daughter of a visual artist, animal rights activist and the founder behind the Church of Satan. Moreover, she was also a High Priestess of the Church until she left in 1990 to follow Sethianism.

Zeena Love Taylor Swift
Zina Love (left) and Taylor Swift (right). (Credit: Instagram)

Most reports suggest that she is 60 years old. However, conspiracy theorists swear she is hundreds of years old, descended from a long line of Satan worshippers. Moreover, finding similarities between LaVey’s and Taylor’s gestures has resulted in people drawing comparisons. While there may not be much to it, the two artists share an uncanny resemblance, which leads to many interesting discussions.

Taylor Swift’s appearance at Super Bowl LVIII

In the past, there have been several cases where Taylor has been accused of promoting witchcraft and Satanism. Earlier, Hank Kunemann, a MAGA supporter, and Candice Taylor, a former Republican Georgia gubernatorial candidate, raised their voices on the topic. As for Taylor’s supporters, they have blamed the conservative minds of politicians for not being able to digest his support for progressive policies.

Following her recent ‘Eras ​​Tour’ in Japan, Swift returned to the States ahead of Super Bowl LVIII. Seen alongside rapper Ice Spice, Hollywood actress Blake Lively and her mother Andrea Swift, Taylor wore a red Chiefs jacket to show her support. Ultimately, the night was fruitful as the Kansas City Chiefs went on to win the Super Bowl for the second straight season.

Notably, the 34-year-old musician was able to overcome the 17-hour time difference, arriving at Allegiant Stadium in time for kickoff. In the epic game that followed, Taylor could be seen cheering for her partner, kicking every ball and at times a nervous wreck. After the win, a jubilant Swift reunited with Travis Kelce on the pitch to celebrate. All in all, it’s been an eventful few days for the 14-time Grammy winner.

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