‘Vikings: Valhalla’ Season 3 Episode 7 Takeaway: Is Harald Sigurdsson dead? Battle for the Crown is heating up

Contains spoilers for “Vikings: Valhalla” Season 3

DUBLIN, IRELAND: The Viking warriors of “Vikings: Valhalla” are set to roar one more time as Netflix released the third and final season of the drama series on Thursday, July 11, 2024, amid great fanfare and anticipation.

The show focuses on historical Viking figures like Leif Eriksson (Sam Corlett), Freydís Eiríksdóttir (Frida Gustavsson), and Harald Sigurdsson (Leo Suter).

Season 2 ends with Leif and Harald arriving in Constantinople to amass treasure for Harald to claim the crown of Norway, but things don’t go as planned when Harald is accused of murdering Emperor Romanos III (Nikolai Kinski).

What happens to Harald Sigurdsson in “Vikings: Valhalla” Season 3 Episode 7?

Leo Suter as Harald Sigurdsson in a photo of
Leo Suter as Harald Sigurdsson in a still from “Vikings: Valhalla” (Netflix/@bernardwalsh)

Harald is in desperate trouble, suspected of the murder of Emperor Romanos, and involved in an affair with Empress Zoe, which George Maniakes (Florian Munteanu) uses to his advantage.

Maniakes presents Zoe with two choices for her future. The first must marry him, so that he can be the new Emperor, or she kills herself.

Forced to choose between the two, Zoe chooses the former, reluctantly participating in Maniakes’ ruse.

On the other hand, Harald, facing death, comes up with a daring escape plan from his cell.

In his hole, he creates tools to free himself from chains and uses ravens to spread firebrands across the city, causing confusion and providing cover for his escape.

As fear spreads across the city, Harald seizes the opportunity to confront Maniakes, challenging him to a long-awaited battle driven by their simmering feud.

In a climactic battle, Harald triumphs, fatally spearing Maniakes.

What future does Harald Sigurdsson have in the 3rd season of “Vikings: Valhalla”?

Vikings: Valhalla could reunite Harald and Freydis, prompting questions about their future amid Viking turmoil (@netflix)
Frida Gustavsson and Leo Suter in a photoshoot from “Vikings: Valhalla” Season 3 (@netflix)

Harald, having experienced the tragic loss of his men while on death row, most likely changed his perspective, allowing him to pursue his ambition to sit on the throne of Norway.

It seems that the man’s focus will now turn entirely on his quest to capture the crown, which will add a layer of intrigue to the show.

After escaping death, Harald probably sought to consolidate power or form strategic alliances to protect his position and influence amid the current political instability.

In addition, it is clear that he would finally meet Freydís and his son.

That said, Harald’s character has matured in Season 3 from a carefree lover to a man of determination and ambition, which will aid in his future decisions and strategies as he navigates the volatile political landscape.

‘Vikings: Valhalla’ Season 3 trailer

‘Vikings: Valhalla’ Season 3 is now available to stream on Netflix

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