‘We Had a Replacement’: Erin Napier Reveals Why Husband Ben Is Missing from Season 7 of HGTV’s ‘Home Town’

LAUREL, MISSISSIPPI: The new season of HGTV’s “Home Town” premiered Jan. 7-24. Season 7 started following Ben Napier’s injury. And that’s why we won’t see him in most of the episodes of the new season.

Ben recently suffered a torn rotator cuff after a “grueling” day at work. For this reason, he underwent surgery. Erin was supportive throughout the surgical process.

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After his surgery, Ben is healing and has taken some time to properly recover. His wife Erin took to Instagram to update HGTV fans on why Ben is missing from the new season of the show.

The star uploaded a photo with her partner, saying: “TONIGHT WE’RE BACK!” She added: “We’ll be helping a Canadian family find refuge in Mississippi from the brutal winters while @scotsman.co was undergoing and recovering from shoulder surgery.”

Erin informed me that even though Ben isn’t there to help with the renovation, his place is taken by someone else. Erin writes, “But we got a replacement for him so it’s all good. 😬 Watch with us tonight!”

Knowing that Ben is still recovering, one fan commented: “Best wishes and a speedy recovery.” Another prayed: “Blessings for a speedy and full recovery Ben. »

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One fan said: “Yeah! I can’t wait to watch our favorite TV couple!” Another shared their experience and wrote: “I just had rotator cuff repair surgery and getting back to normal is long and difficult. Good luck. »

The star of
“Home Town” star Ben Napier recovering from rotator cuff surgery (Instagram/@erinapier)

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Ben Napier talks about the ‘hardest part’ of filming ‘Home Town’

Ben Napier told People the hardest part of filming the new season of ‘Home Town’ after a rotator cuff injury was “not stepping in to help” if someone else was carrying a weight heavy.

Identifying himself as the “biggest guy” in the room, he said, “I have to step up and help, and it was hard not to.” »

Erin worries about Ben’s nature as the doctor strictly suggested that he not lift weights. She said: “It always worries me when he says, ‘No, I can do it.’ He’s still not supposed to lift very heavy objects with his left arm. I get nervous.”

The star of
‘Home Town’ star Ben Napier talks about the hardest part of filming (Instagram/@erinapier)

How much weight did ‘Home Town’ star Ben Napier lose following rotator cuff surgery?

Ben Napier looks considerably thin now. And that sparked fans’ interest in finding out exactly how much weight Ben lost.

According to reports, Ben lost 95 pounds. Ben got serious about his health in 2022. He told ET: “I just started, I needed to lose a little weight. And then we did an interview and my shirt wouldn’t stay buttoned , and I was like, ‘Oh, that’s it.’ a bad look. This is a bad thing. I was already working [on my weight]and then that started things up again.

Before his shoulder surgery, doctors asked Ben to work on his blood pressure because it was high. He then thought about working on his weight and seeing if that could also help lower his blood pressure.

Since then, Ben has been following a strict diet and only eating healthy foods.

“Home Town” star Ben Napier lost 95 pounds (Instagram/@erinapier)
‘Home Town’ star Ben Napier lost 95 pounds (Instagram/@erinapier)

“Home Town” Season 7 releases new episodes every Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on HGTV.

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