What happened in ‘Sweet Home’ Season 2? Everything you need to remember ahead of season 3

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Set against the backdrop of an apocalyptic world, Season 3 of Netflix’s “Sweet Home” is scheduled to premiere on Friday, July 19, 2024.

The show, which is based on the webtoon of the same name, follows Cha Hyun-su (Song Kang), a depressed high school dropout who settles in the Green Home apartment complex after a devastating family tragedy.

His life takes a frightening turn when a mysterious illness turns individuals into monstrous manifestations of their innermost desires or fears.

Hyun-su and the other survivors are trapped in the apartment complex, where they must band together to fight the hideous beasts while dealing with the psychological agony of their position.

So, if you’re gearing up to watch the much-loved show, let’s refresh your memory on what happened in season 2.

What happens with Cha Hyun-su in ‘Sweet Home’ Season 2?

Song Kang wants to repeat his character in
Song Kang in still from ‘Sweet Home’ (@netflix)

Cha Hyun-su undergoes a tremendous metamorphosis during Season 2 of the show. After a brutal struggle with Jung Ui-myeong (Kim Sung-cheol), he is considered dead but later reappears.

In Season 2, Ui-myeong who took the body of Pyeon Sang-wook (Lee Jin-wook) kidnaps Hyun-su and takes him with her.

Since Hyun-su wants to help the world understand monsters and discover a cure, he decides to thwart Ui-myeong’s scheme.

Both are captured by the military, where Hyun-su meets Dr. Lim (Oh Jung-se), a doctor who experiments on monsters.

Hyun-su’s unique abilities are revealed when a monster exhibits human feelings in his presence.

However, things soon start to go downhill as the government turns against the military and survivors, and tensions rise in the safe zone.

On the other hand, Ui-myeong, still alive, releases monsters, causing Hyun-su to escape his confinement and fight him.

Ui-myeong stabs Hyun-su, who appears to have been crushed by a door.

However, Hyun-su survives and saves Lee Eun-yu (Go Min-si) in the finale. It is then revealed that Hyun-su has been looking after Seo Yi-kyung’s (Lee Si-young) (Kim Si-a) mutant baby.

The girl despised humanity and infected her mother, turning Yi-kyung into a pure monster forcing Hyun-su to murder her, which leaves him exhausted.

Season 2 ends with Hyun-su’s monster side taking over him, bringing out his unpredictable beast side.

What happens to the residents of Green Home in ‘Sweet Home’ Season 2?

Yu Oh-seong and Hong Jong-hyun in a photo shoot of
Yu Oh-seong and Hong Jong-hyun in photo shoot of “Sweet Home” (@netflix)

As the other survivors of Green Home are taken to safety in Season 2, a troop stops them.

Residents and other citizens are forced to remove debris that obstructs the transport path in the safe zone.

A monster appears in the middle of the chaos, but it turns out not to be as deadly as the soldiers anticipated.

The survivors are scattered over different areas and are up against fresh obstacles and dangers.

The majority of people seek refuge in a baseball stadium, which serves as a gathering place for survivors from around.

In addition to the creatures outside, the darker impulses of those around them also pose a danger to them.

This increases the suspense for Season 3 by creating a hostile atmosphere where survival and faith are continually tested.

Did Seo Yi-kyung give birth to a monster in ‘Sweet Home’ Season 2?

Kim Si-Ah and Lee Si-young in photo shoot of “Sweet Home” (@netflix)

In Season 2 of the show, Yi-kyung infiltrates a laboratory as a soldier to locate her husband and discovers him in an incubator, but her contractions begin, revealing her disfigured, pregnant belly.

Later, she dives into a frozen river and regains consciousness on the beach and discovers her black-monster child.

Initially trying to kill her baby, she later transports the baby to a boat, where they live together.

Flashbacks feature Yi-kyung’s attempts to defend her daughter from attackers, which resulted in the child’s metamorphosis into a monster.

Later, it is revealed that after giving birth, she tries to murder the baby but leaves her in Hyun-su’s care but later reconnects with her daughter and now lives with Hyun-su.

Things take a dark turn when Yi-kyung almost dies in a fire started by her daughter that eventually turns her into a monster.

Hyun-su arrives to say goodbye, but he ends up having to kill her, which is a tragic conclusion as Yi-kyung never reconciles with her daughter or forgives herself.

Did Lee Eun-hyuk appear in “Sweet Home” Season 2?

Lee Do-hyun in a still from 'Sweet Home' (@netflix)
Lee Do-hyun in a still from ‘Sweet Home’ (@netflix)

In the final moments of Season 2, Eun-hyuk, who seemed to have perished at the conclusion of Season 1, reappears unexpectedly as a monster.

Despite the fact that Hyun-su was really the one who saved her, Eun-yu never lost faith that her brother was still alive during Season 2.

But in Episode 8, it was revealed that Eun-hyuk was still alive and was semi-transformed into a monster that came out of the cocoon in Green Home.

How to stream ‘Sweet Home’ Season 3?

Song Kang, Go Min-si, and Lee Do-hyun star
Song Kang, Go Min-si, and Lee Do-hyun starter in a still from “Sweet Home 3” (@netflix)

Premium membership is required to view the series on Netflix, as the streaming platform provides a diverse selection of subscription options that are adapted to various economic constraints.

The Standard Plan, which includes advertising, has a monthly membership fee of $6.99 and offers full HD (1080p) streaming.

The Standard Plan, without s, has a monthly fee of $15.49. It allows you to use a single account on two screens at the same time, with the ability to watch content in 1080p/full HD resolution.

The Premium Plan, priced at $22.99 per month, allows customers to stream a 4K Ultra HD movie with Dolby Atmos and HDR on up to four screens simultaneously.

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