When ‘Sexy Beast’ Star Amanda Redman Opened Up About 9 Miscarriages

LONDON, ENGLAND: Amanda Redman, known for playing the role of DeeDee Dove in the critically acclaimed film “Sexy Beast” (2000), is currently married to Damian Schnabel.

Having achieved great feats in the field of theater, Redman, 66, lives with the regret of not having more than one child.

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Redman, who was married to actor Robert Glenister from 1984 to 1992, first to Damian Schnabel in 1999.

The couple dated until 2003, until the “New Tricks” actress left him for a short-lived fling with actor Adam Rayner, as reported by The Sun.

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Redman and Schnabel met in 2006 and were married in September 2010 at Maunsel House in Taunton, Somerset.

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Who is Damian Schnabel?

Damian Schnabel, 51, has been head of brand at Convex Insurance since 2021, according to his LinkedIn profile. He graduated with a BSc in Industrial Design from Brunel University, London in 1995.

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Schnabel does not have any children from any of her relationships prior to her marriage to Redman. On the other hand, Redman has a daughter named Emily from his previous marriage.

When Amanda Redman revealed about nine miscarriages and two ectopic pregnancies

After she and Schnabel got back together in 2006, Amanda expressed her desire to be a mother at age 48.

“It might sound crazy, but at 48, having a child still seems like a possibility,” Redman told Express in 2007.

During the same interview, she spoke about nine miscarriages and two ectopic pregnancies.

Redman said: “I had Emily but all attempts subsequently failed. I was able to conceive but couldn’t carry them to term… One of my miscarriages happened early in my relationship with Damian. Given that he doesn’t have children, this might have been a stumbling block but he has been strong and supportive.”

It took time, but Redman finally realized that his dream of expanding his family would never come true. As she reached her sixties, her sadness and regret at not having another child faded.

“Emily was delighted that I didn’t have any more babies. She wanted to be No. 1,” Redman admitted to Mirror in a 2020 interview.

She also added that menopause helped. “In a way, it’s a relief to know that I’ll never have another child. I don’t live with the grief I had when it was still an unrealized possibility,” Redman said.

What is Amanda Redman doing today?

Amanda Redman was last seen in the British sitcom “Bumps”, which aired on February 21, 2020. The series follows the story of Anita (Amanda Redman), a 62-year-old woman who tries and succeeds in getting pregnant.

Redman sympathized with the character as she fought similar battles in her real life. Amanda Redman and Damian Schnabel currently reside in London.

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Her iconic character of DeeDee Dove in “Sexy Beast” is recreated in the film’s prequel series. However, Redman is not part of the upcoming Paramount+ series.

Irish actress and singer Sarah Greene will be seen as DeeDee in “Sexy Beast” (2024).

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