Which NFL team has 7x Formula 1 champions?

Lewis Hamilton is one of the world’s greatest athletes. His prolific career has allowed him to build his image and associate himself with other ventures. Apart from his many fashion projects and his appearances at various fashion events such as Dior and Louis Vuitton, the driver has also managed to find time to fit in other sports.

Hamilton has climbed the ladder of success and, in turn, has seen his network grow outside of the game as well. Many expressed interest in the champion’s success, exposure and fashion. However, with his growing social persona and popularity outside the game, the Mercedes driver took on various ventures to promote himself. Hamilton soon became more of a brand than a driver, achieving seven world championships.

Lewis Hamilton shakes hands with the Denver Broncos

Lewis Hamilton is one of the most decorated athletes of all time. The driver has achieved 103 race wins and 7 world championship titles. However, his love and interest in other ventures is what has always set him apart from most people. After being listed as one of the highest-paid athletes on Forbes, rightly so, the Briton made his way to owning his own team.

Considering his 13-year career as an athlete, the champion is well aware of his leadership skills and a thing or two about winning. Soon after being announced as a part-owner of the team, he took his experience with the Broncos team. The Broncos team is majority owned by the Walton Penner family ownership group and they soon joined Hamilton as one of the investors.

Rob Walton released a statement referring to Hamilton’s involvement, saying, “He is a champion competitor who knows what it takes to lead a winning team and is a fierce advocate for global equality, including in his sport. With over 100 race wins, Lewis is considered the most successful F1 driver of all time. His resilient spirit and standard of excellence will be an asset to the ownership group and the Broncos organization.

Hamilton joined the ownership group along with Walmart owner Rob Walton, former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and business executive Melody Hobson.

What other businesses does Hamilton have?

Lewis Hamilton has a long list of ventures that he has involved himself in over the years apart from his racing. Britain has managed to launch various businesses of its own to promote vegetarianism, non-alcoholic beverages and more.

One of the many businesses he’s proud of is the Neat Burgers food chain, which opened a store in New York City last year. Driver started a food chain to promote veganism and run a vegan food chain business. He has also worked with professionals to create a non-alcoholic drink called Almave which he openly promoted during the Mexican GP.

Almave is a drink made from blue agave before fermentation which makes it alcoholic. Hamilton worked with the team through the process of making the drink. He also owns his own clothing line, +44 with many collaborations such as Hajime Sorayama in its limited editions. Still, that didn’t stop the champion from putting herself out there to be the face of the Valentino campaign.

He also owns the Broncos team and has shown an interest in helping his beloved sport, Formula 1, progress and embrace diversity in the sport. Their Mission 44 was created to help with this, diversifying the sport and promoting inclusion in STEM.

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