Who are Hypers Kids Africa? The NGO dancers of Uganda are looking at the “AGT” award to finance education for poor children

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: ‘Hypers Kids Africa’ is a Ugandan NGO founded by Butindo Moses and his friends with the mission of empowering disadvantaged children through dance and creativity. The organization was born from Moses’ own experiences growing up in difficult circumstances, which included the loss of his parents and a period of living on the streets.

During his time on the streets, Moses discovered a passion for football, using his skills to earn food and money. Together with his friends, they founded Hypers Kids Africa, initially focusing on using dance, music, and sports to generate income for themselves while also supporting their community.

Their efforts have expanded to include creating opportunities for street children to learn valuable skills, earn income and access basic needs such as food and healthcare. Currently, Hypers Kids Africa aims to expand their impact and reach more children in need, with a special focus on providing educational opportunities through their participation in “AGT” Season 19.

How did “Hypers Kids Africa” ​​come about?

“Hypers Kids Africa” ​​​​was founded by the determination of Butindo Moses, who faced significant difficulties early in life. Moses grew up experiencing family challenges, with an absent father, and tragically, the loss of his mother and sister. By 2010, he found himself living on the streets, struggling to survive day by day.

During this difficult period, Moses found solace and developed a passion for football. He used his skills in football tricks and juggling to earn food and some money. It was during this time that he forged strong bonds with friends like Marvin and Abdul, who provided vital support and camaraderie.

Later, Moses suffered an injury, and Marvin and Abdul not only took him to the hospital but also supported him during his recovery. After recovering, Moses shared his vision with Marvin, Abdul, and other supportive friends.

The group also runs an NGO (@hyperkidsafrica)
Hypers Kids Africa was founded through the determination of Butindo Moses who faced serious difficulties early in life (@hyperkidsafrica)

Who are the members of ‘Hypers Kids Africa’?

The members of “Hypers Kids Africa” ​​include Butindo Moses, Marvin, Abdul, and a group of dedicated dancers and performers. These individuals came together with a common vision to use their talents in dance, music and sports to transform their lives and uplift their community.

They are working together to support each other and empower underprivileged children through their NGO initiatives in Uganda, now ready to showcase their talent on “AGT” Season 19.

Hypers kids are ready to showcase their talent on AGT (@hyperkidsafrica)
“Hypers Kids Africa” ​​is ready to showcase their talent on AGT Season 19 (@hyperkidsafrica)

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