Who is Ashley Avignon? Meet Taylor Swift’s mystery friend from Super Bowl 2024

Since Taylor Swift showed up in the NFL last September, she’s made some pretty cool friends. The first best and closest friend the pop star had was Brittany Mahomes, wife of Patrick Mahomes. Swift became friends with Mahomes through Kelce.

The pop star’s better half is close friends with teammate Patrick. From there, Swift met Brittany and became NFL buddies. Swift and Britney also hung out in private. They go to parties and dinners together.

Mrs. Mahomes also becomes a close friend of Swift’s friends. Swift is a friendly and sociable person. He loves meeting new people and making friends with them. Everyone knows the story of Swift and Brittany’s friendship, but most people are unfamiliar with long-term best friend Ashley Avignon.

Who is Ashley Avignon?

Ashley Avignon is no stranger to the United States or to the Swifties. Swifties are familiar with their star friend but for non-Swifties, Avignon is still being decided. Avignone works as a stylist and fine interior designer.

She was first recognized in the NFL when she sat next to Swift when they went to watch the Kansas City Chiefs play against the New England Patriots in December. Swift’s best friend was born in Los Angeles, but grew up in Arizona. Avignon returned to Los Angeles to join the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising College.

Ashley Avignon
Ashley Avignon {Credit- Instagram & Getty Images}

In college, she pursued fashion design, and after completing the course, she moved to New York in 2013. The woman started her career as an assistant celebrity stylist. He also appeared “The Rachel Zoe Project in 2010” Season 3. Later, the fashion designer signed for one of the top fashion design organizations in the USA, “The Wall Group,” Founded by Brook Wall.

Later, however, Avignon decided to move away from its actual business and began to focus on working directly with high-profile fashion organizations on several campaigns. At the same time, she began serving as an interior designer. Avignone also founded his organization in January 2006, which is named “Avignon Studio.” So, starting her journey as an assistant celebrity stylist, she becomes an entrepreneur.

How did Ashley Avignon become friends with Taylor Swift?

Ashley Avignon and Taylor Swift were neither born in the same city nor attended the same school or college. They meet each other through Emma Stone. Stone is a famous actress and producer from the United States and a mutual friend of Avignon and Swift.

Avignon and Stone have been childhood friends since they grew up in Arizona. As a childhood friend of the actress, the fashion designer occasionally styled her. And Stone introduced her to the pop star, and their friendship took off from there.

Ashley Avignon and Taylor Swift
Ashley Avignon and Taylor Swift {Credit- Instagram and Yahoo}

The exact date of Avignon and Swift’s friendship has not yet been ascertained, but it is estimated that they have been friends since 2008. On December 13, 2019, the fashion designer posted a few pictures of herself with Swift on Instagram to wish the singer well. Happy Birthday.

Avignon captioned the photo with a long paragraph and ended by saying, “Happy Birthday, Tay!! Love to pieces” With a heart emoji. In addition to Swift, the fashion designer is also friends with Blake Lively, Justin Theroux, Michelle Pfeiffer, Sabrina Carpenter and others.

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