Who is Espiritu? “AGT” Season 19 dance group aims to repeat Mayyas’ feat

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Espiritu is a dance group from Season 19 of “America’s Got Talent.” Founded by Kenneth Espiritu, the ensemble consists of members of the Southern California community. In April 2023, they showed their talent in World of Dance in Los Angeles.

“AGT” Season 19 dance crew gained recognition as a mainstay within the dance community in Southern California (Instagram/@espiritu.worldwide)

“AGT” Season 19 dance crew Espiritu gained popularity with the Maxt Out Dancing Competition

Since its founding in 2001, the Maxt Out Dancing Competition has gained recognition as a mainstay within the dance community in Southern California. Dancers eagerly participate in Maxt Out because of its unique blend of traditional team competitions and innovative events such as All Styles clashes and Choreography showcases.

Maxt Out is committed to fostering emerging talent, aiming to nurture a culture of widespread support and establish a network of undeniable excellence. Thousands of dancers, along with a vast audience, converge at Maxt Out to celebrate countless hours of creative innovation, rigorous rehearsals and dedicated team building.

Dancers who competed enter the audience to support their rivals as the competition continues throughout the day, honoring the creativity and passion of their colleagues.

With its sprawling, festival-like setting, creative vendors, delicious food and additional entertainment in the form of bracketed All Styles battles and graffiti showcases, Maxt Out’s commitment to real hip-hop roots is greatly enhanced.

The competition culminates in an exciting awards ceremony where winners from each section are honored, receiving both bragging rights and cash prizes. Previous Maxt Out winners have seen their careers take off, becoming viral sensations overnight and garnering enough momentum to secure invitations to competitions and showcases.

Maxt Out is unwavering in its advocacy for the care and safety of its dancers, dedicated to the community it has helped build. It upholds the highest standards of friendship and cooperation with all competitors and complementary partners alike.

Maxt Out remains committed to supporting the positive efforts and momentum of the dance community at large. Espiritu simply aims to follow in the footsteps of participants who have found success after being a part of Maxt Out.

“AGT” Season 19 dance group Espiritu (Instagram/@espiritu.worldwide)

Has a dance crew ever won ‘AGT’?

On September 14, 2022, Mayyas won Season 17, becoming the show’s first dance group. The Lebanese dance ensemble received a Golden Buzzer from Sofia Vergara during the audition round of the show and continued to wow every time they entered the stage with their carefully choreographed performances and synchronized movements. This season’s runner-up was Kristy Sellars, pole dancer/entertainer.

V.Unbeatable took “AGT” spinoff show title

On February 17, 2020, the Indian dance group V.Unbeatable won the second season of “America’s Got Talent: The Champions”. The runner-up was Duo Transcend. V.Unbeatable previously finished fourth on “AGT” Season 14.

V. Invincible in
V. Invincible won ‘AGT: The Champions’ (@nbc/@chrishaston)

Tune into ‘America’s Got Talent’ Season 19 on July 9 on NBC at 8 pm ET to catch Espiritu’s audition

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