Who is Mia Randall? Meet Patrick Mahomes half sister who is almost 16 years younger

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is a family man. Along with his real brother, he has several half-siblings. Mahomes’ father, Pat Mahomes, and mother, Randy Mahomes, separated when Patrick was young. The couple shared two sons – Patrick (elder) and Jackson. Pat has two more children from a different relationship – Graham and Zoe. On the other hand, Randy also has a child from a different relationship – Mia Randall.

Patrick Mahomes has a beautiful relationship with his half-sister Mia. Although their age gap is huge, they are said to be very close. Additionally, Mahomes has a close relationship with all of his siblings.

Mia Randall, sister of Patrick Mahomes. (Credit: CitiMuzik & X)

Jackson was the best man at Mahomes’ wedding to Brittany Mahomes. Graham, who, according to Pat, remains low-key, is also set to become a football player. Mahomes could have a brother playing with him in the later years of his career. Finally, Zoe is also regularly spotted at Chiefs games supporting her brother.

Mia Randall is also into sports like her half brother

Mia has an Instagram account run by her mother, Randy. His account offers some insights into the kid’s budding sports career.

According to her mother, Mia is a huge football fan. Randi told People, “My daughter is more of a football fan than any fan, she knows who is playing there, what their number is, what they look like in uniform, she knows that.”

Mia plays multiple sports including softball, basketball and volleyball. She is still in her early teens and is expected to learn many sports and choose from her favorite choices. In one of her Instagram posts, she is also seen riding a jet ski.

Mia Randall and Patrick Mahomes share a beautiful bond despite their age gap

Mia became an aunt before she turned 10. Brittany and Patrick have two children together — their first child, a daughter named Sterling Skye, was born on February 20, 2021, and their second child, a son named Patrick “Bronze” Levon Mahomes III, was born on November was born on 28 2022.

The age difference between Mia and Patrick is about 16 years. However, Patrick is still invested in his younger sister’s development. Randi explained that she was worried about their relationship at first. “[Patrick] Both he and Brittany keep an eye on what Mia is up to [Mahomes]” Randi shared. “It’s a fun relationship for them, and I was so nervous that they wouldn’t know each other, I can now say that they do.

Patrick Mahomes' family met Travis Kelce's girlfriend Taylor Swift on Kansas City Chiefs game day.
Patrick Mahomes’ family meets Taylor Swift. (Credit: People)

The proud mother continued, “I’ll send him clips of her basketball games, and he’s like, ‘Well, tell me what she scored,’ and then he’ll ask all about it, and I do that with both Jackson and him.”

Randy also opened up about how close Brittany is to Mia. “I love her [Brittany]” Randi said about her brother-in-law. “I always tell Mia, ‘Britney is like your sister, not just your sister-in-law.’ He loves my children as much as I love them.”

Mia regularly attends Chiefs NFL games to watch her brother Patrick run the show. She also met Taylor Swift in 2023 because Swift was on the team because of her boyfriend Travis Kelce. Mia is Swifty and Randy was extremely happy for her daughter.

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