Who is Ry The Healer? “AGT” Season 19 contestant is a healer, but with a rather unique method

PORTLAND, OREGON: Ry The Healer, a contestant set to appear on the upcoming episode of ‘America’s Got Talent’ Season 19 is a sound healer deeply passionate about sound, nature and healing the world.

Ry’s lifelong dedication to creating music has given him a unique and intuitive understanding of how sound can facilitate healing and improve overall well-being. Over the years, his spiritual journey has allowed him to cultivate a deep understanding of how sound can be used to transform energy, relieve stress and foster inner peace.

After completing his training at The Sound Healers Academy in 2023, Ry set out on a mission to use his talent to heal others. As a sound healer, Ry aspires to establish a nurturing and inclusive environment where individuals from all walks of life can seek solace and balance.

Through the transformative power of sound frequencies, Ry, who hails from Portland, Oregon, strives to restore harmony and promote well-being. Whether one is struggling with physical discomfort, emotional turmoil, or simply looking to reconnect with their inner peace, Ry is dedicated to providing help and guidance.

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“AGT” Season 19 contestant Ry The Healer provides one-on-one healing sessions to his clients

Ry The Healer is a talented healing arts professional and experienced sound bath facilitator located in the vibrant city of Portland, Oregon. His main goal is to help individuals connect with their greatest abilities and inner strengths.

The Portland native provides a nurturing environment and guidance for individuals seeking personal growth and transformation. One can relax and unwind with a session with Ry to release stress and transform one’s energy for personal growth and development.

Ry’s primary goal when working with a client is to address all aspects of their being by incorporating a range of complementary energy-based techniques. He warmly invites you to begin a transformational journey within this sacred space, allowing you to connect with your truest essence and unleash your highest potential.

You have the opportunity to participate in direct lunar ceremonies during the full and new moons, as well as participate in personalized 1:1 healing sessions with Ry to explore and manifest your aspirations on a deeper level.

Individualized sessions are tailored specifically to your needs, incorporating a unique combination of sound therapy, yoga practices, mindset training and crystal therapy to support your overall well-being and help you achieve optimal levels of well-being and vitality.

“AGT” Season 19 contestant Ry The Healer provides one-on-one healing sessions to his clients (Instagram/@rythehealer)

Ry The Healer feels honored to showcase his talent on “AGT” Season 19

Ry The Healer is full of gratitude and excitement as he prepares to bring his unique talent to the stage of ‘AGT’ Season 19. In a recent Instagram post, he expressed his deep appreciation for the opportunity to share his gift of sound healing with the audience of ” America’s Got Talent” for the very first time. The prospect of showcasing his skills on the prestigious NBC platform left him feeling truly honored and thrilled.

“This week I had the honor of bringing sound healing to the America’s Got Talent stage for the FIRST TIME in the show’s history! It’s surreal to think how my passion for spreading peace and relaxation with sound has brought me the opportunity to share these . gifts on such a huge stage”, he wrote.

Ry added, “@simoncowell @sofiavergara @heidiklum @howiemandel and @terrycrews – your willingness to immerse yourself in my sonic journey has filled my heart with a lifetime of joy!!!”

“In this moment, I vibrate with gratitude for Susy @thecoppervessel and the guidance of my mentors at @thesoundhealersacademy, whose wisdom has illuminated my path to share my light with the world!” he continued.

Ry ended by writing, “Thank you friends for all your continued love and support – hope you tune in and see me this summer on Season 19 of @AGT!”

Ry The Healer feels honored to get a chance to show his talent in
Ry The Healer feels honored to get a chance to showcase his talent on “AGT” Season 19 (Instagram/@rythehealer)

“AGT” Season 19 contestant Ry The Healer prioritizes self-care

Ry The Healer, contestant on “AGT” Season 19, is a firm believer in the importance of self-care. In a recent Instagram post, he emphasized the importance of prioritizing self-care and emphasized the need to take care of oneself to maintain overall well-being.

“Stop putting off your self-care! Our nervous system is not built to cope with the times we live in. The relentless pace and constant connectivity of modern life has created an environment where stress and anxiety thrive. It’s no wonder so many of us feel overwhelmed, exhausted and disconnected If you think you can keep pushing forward without prioritizing your well-being, you are sorely mistaken,” he wrote.

Ry shared, “Self-care is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. Your body and mind are crying out for help, and ignoring this call is a fast track to chronic stress and illness. My favorite tools to combat this problem are solid baths and massages. of time in nature.”

He went on to say, “Sound baths aren’t just a trendy wellness activity; they’re a profound way to restore your nervous system. The soothing sounds of singing bowls, and other instruments create frequencies that help calm your mind and reduce stress. These vibrations can slow your brain waves, promoting a meditative state that allows for deep relaxation and healing. Sound baths can lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety and improve sleep. They offer a sanctuary from the constant noise and chaos of everyday life to breathe and restore.”

“Nature is the ultimate healer. Spending time outside has been shown to reduce stress levels, lower blood pressure and boost your mood. Nature also provides a refreshing break from the relentless screen time that dominates our lives. The sights, sounds and smells of the natural world can ground you, bringing you back bring you to a state of calm and clarity. Nature’s rhythms can harmonize your own, reminding you of a simpler, more balanced way of being,” he explained.

The medical practitioner wrapped up the lengthy caption saying, “There’s no better time than now to prioritize self-care. Your mind, body and spirit will thank you!”

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‘America’s Got Talent’ Season 19 airs every Tuesday at 8pm ET only on NBC.

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