Who plays Laddio in ‘The Boys’? Everything you need to know about Tek Knight’s scene-stealing, mysterious assistant

Contains spoilers for “The Boys”

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: In “The Boys” Season 4, a new character from the original cartoons, Laddio, made his debut. The show continues its dark take on superheroes, exploring how those with powers affect the lives of regular people.

Characters like Hughie Campbell, Billy Butcher and Homelander from the cartoons are already familiar to viewers.

“The Boys” Season 4 was a success, drawing large audiences. It presents a world where superpowered individuals are celebrities, with some, like Homelander, having significant influence.

Others, like Laddio, a new addition, play minor roles, reflecting the comic’s hierarchy of power among Supes.

The show delves into the consequences of superpowers, contrasting the fame of “The Seven” with characters like Laddio, who have less stature in this universe. His introduction adds new layers to the exploration of the power and fame series.

Who plays Laddio in “The Boys” Season 4?

Reid Miller

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Before seeing him on screen, fans can catch a glimpse of the actor behind Laddio’s gimp mask. Reid Millar plays Laddio, previously seen in short films such as “The Roots of Men” and “A Dying Man Named Steve” in 2016.

Despite his limited recent projects, landing a role in one of the most popular shows of the decade indicates that he impressed during auditions.

Being cast by Amazon, a major streaming service, opens doors for Millar’s future prospects, possibly leading to more roles in the spotlight.

Who is Laddio in “The Boys” Season 4?

Reid Miller stars as Laddio in
Reid Miller stars as Laddio in “The Boys” (@primevideo)

Laddio is a young man who serves Tek Knight, the equivalent of Batman in “The Boys”. Officially, Laddio is Ted Knight’s sidekick, considered his protégé. Unofficially, their relationship is deeply troubled: Laddio is basically Tek Knight’s sex slave.

That situation originates from Laddio’s early exposure to Compound V, a substance that gives superpowers, and his subsequent foster care under Vought International. Initially taken by Tek Knight to be his sidekick, their dynamic worsens after Laddio lies to him.

This causes Tek Knight to imprison Laddion in his Tek Cave, where he subjects him to severe sexual abuse.

Hughie, a member of The Boys, discovers Laddion during an infiltration mission disguised as the disgraced superhero Webweaver. The team rescues Laddio from his captivity, and he assists them in exacting revenge on Tek Knight.

Together, they hack into Tek Knight’s financial accounts, redistributing millions of dollars to causes opposed by the superhero.

Laddio chooses to stay behind as The Boys escape, ensuring that Tek Knight meets a fatal end at the hands of his butler, Elijah. Before leaving, the Boys entrust to Laddio access to the finances of Tek Knight, ensuring his financial security for the future.

“The Boys” brought many characters from its original cartoons to life, including Laddio’s disturbing portrayal. This new depiction underscores the show’s ability to explore dark and disturbing themes within the superhero genre.

Both the actor portraying Laddio and the character itself are fresh to most viewers, offering an opportunity to expand the story of the series.

The introduction of Laddio as a sidekick suggests an interesting future for the show, continuing to reimagine superheroes in today’s complex and often harsh world.

Trailer “The Boys”.

6 episodes of “The Boys” are streaming on Prime Video

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