Why Cha Hyun-su must step into ‘Sweet Home’ Season 3

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: With “Sweet Home” ending its third season, Cha Hyun-su’s journey is set to reach its climactic end. Fans are eagerly anticipating how Song Kang’s character will navigate the heightened stakes and unresolved plots.

After the successful debut of “Sweet Home”, Netflix renewed the series for two more seasons, with the final chapters filmed back-to-back. As the series finale approaches, expectations are high on how Hyun-su’s story will unfold.

Hyun-su must face new challenges in the final season of ‘Sweet Home.’ The second season, expanding the scope of the show, left many threads hanging, including Ui-myeong’s plan for the new people and the fate of Yi-kyung’s daughter. As a new person, Hyun-su’s role is more critical than ever.

His transformation from unpredictable troublemaker to potential savior puts him at the heart of the series’ grand finale.

What to expect from Song Kang’s Hyun-su in ‘Sweet Home’ Season 3?

Photocom of the show 'Sweet Home' (@netflix)
Photocom of the show ‘Sweet Home’ (@netflix)

In the final episodes of Sweet Home Season 2, Cha Hyun-su, played by Song Kang, returns after almost a year of living alone. During his time in exile, Hyun-su realizes that the monster apocalypse is more complex than he first thought. He comes to believe that monsters have just as much right to live as humans and should not be attacked simply for existing.

This creates a significant moral dilemma for Hyun-su in Season 3, because his decisions could determine the outcome of the impending war between humans and monsters. Moreover, Hyun-su must face Ui-myeong, whose true identity was revealed in the Season 2 finale.

Ui-myeong believes that neo-humans are the next step in evolution and should take over the planet, a vision Hyun-su does not support despite her desire to protect monsters. Hyun-su will also have to fight his own inner demons. At the end of Season 2, Hyun-su’s monster side took over his body, making him unpredictable at the start of Season 3.

As Sweet Home reaches its conclusion, Hyun-su’s journey promises to be filled with intense battles, emotional struggles and critical choices that will shape the final outcome of the series.

Will Hyun-su’s choice define the Fate of humanity and New Humans in ‘Sweet Home’ Season 3?

Photocom of the show 'Sweet Home' (@netflix)
Photocom of the show ‘Sweet Home’ (@netflix)

In Sweet Home Season 3, Song Kang Hyun-su’s character faces a pivotal choice between humanity and his newfound status as a new man. Possessing the monstrous curse, Hyun-su can transform parts of his body at will and occasionally loses control to a more hostile alter ego.

Despite these challenges, he retains his human agency, navigating a complex identity that blurs the lines between man and monster. As tensions escalate between humans and monsters, exacerbated by the growing presence of new humans like Hyun-su, the conflict reaches a critical juncture.

Characters such as Ui-myeong advocate for a world dominated by new humans, while others seek to exterminate all monsters, seeing them as a threat. Hyun-su’s role as the “chosen one” in this story suggests that he will play a crucial role in determining the outcome of this conflict.

With Sweet Home hinting at his unique status from the start, Hyun-su must find a delicate balance amid growing hostilities. The prospects for a peaceful resolution seem bleak, given the entrenched positions of both sides as depicted in Season 2’s tumultuous conclusion.

‘Sweet Home’ Season 3 trailer

Season 3 of ‘Sweet Home’ will be available to stream on July 19 on Netflix.

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