Why does the Super Bowl halftime show star usher always hide his hands with gloves?

The Kansas City Chiefs have rightly been awarded the trophy for Super Bowl 58. The Super Bowl is the league’s most influential event that also witnesses the presence of a star-studded gallery. The extraordinary halftime show is an important part of the event that attracts millions of people. The eight-time Grammy Award winner headlined the show this year.

Usher, of R&B fame, lights up the Super Bowl stage with an extraordinary performance of songs composed over a thirty-year span. Gloves and flamboyant jackets were styled in his patented fashion. This fashion choice of the singer was questioned by her fans. People’s intrigue grew even more after Usher made his Super Bowl appearance.

Usher performing at the Super Bowl (Credit: The Boston Globe)

Even in pregame interviews, he was cited as true-blue for his major fashion statements. He was seen wearing a white glove on his left hand during the performance. Many speculations have been raised about this feature of the singer. Some say this is Usher’s way of paying tribute to Michael Jackson, who is considered his idol.

Who joined Usher as a special guest during his performance at the Super Bowl Halftime Show?

Usher rocked the stage on his big night at the halftime performance, but he wasn’t alone. Alicia Keys joined the 45-year-old singer and kicked off the performance with a bang. She started it off with her hit, “If I hadn’t met you” and later sang her 2004 duet, “my boo

Usher’s guitarist HER played his tunes in a solo performance. He played songs like Burn and Bad Girl.

Usher appeared on his roller skates as he sang his chart-topper.oh my god” in an interview with CBS Usher expressed his utmost gratitude for the opportunity to perform in the league’s most glamorous match. His performance added to the Chiefs’ thrilling matchup against the 49ers.

Was this Usher’s first performance at the Super Bowl halftime show?

Many have assumed that 2024 was Usher’s first year of Super Bowls. However, this is not the case, Usher made his appearance at the Super Bowl halftime show a long time ago. He made a guest appearance with Will.i.am for his iconic collaboration ‘OMG’. This is from 2011 when the show was headlined by the Black-Eyed Peas.

Usher performed in two Super Bowls
Usher at the Super Bowl (Credit: X)

This year Usher was also supported by various stars who entered his set. These include Ludacris, J Balvin, Anderson and many more. It ran for about fifteen minutes and the entire production cost is estimated to exceed $15 million. Around this week also released his ninth album which has also received a lot of publicity and his performance has created an unwavering hype about it.

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