“Why Would You Want To Leave When You’re Already In The Best Position?” Max Verstappen Drops The Possibility Of Leaving Red Bull Some Time Soon

Despite winning four of the first six Grand Prix races, Red Bull had a worrying start to the 2024 season. The internal rifts of the team came before the public eyes, starting with the accusations of inappropriate behavior of team manager Christian Horner towards a female employee.

The alleged exit rumors of advisor Dr. Helmut Marko of the team, in the middle of the power race and dispute between Dr. Marko and Horner, Adrian Newey announcing his departure from the team in 2025, and Max Verstappen’s threat to leave the team if Helmut leaves. Overall, not so happy internal situation at Red Bull, despite being dominant in the competition and leading the points table.

Christian Horner - Helmut Marko - Max Verstappen
Christian Horner – Helmut Marko – Max Verstappen (Credit: X)

Everyone has their eyes set on Max Verstappen; in recent days he has hit the headlines by declaring that he might leave Red Bull before his contract is up. Speculation about him conversing with Mercedes boss Toto Wolff and secretly agreeing to a pact has also emerged in the world of motorsport.

Now dispelling all rumours, Max Verstappen, who has signed with Red Bull until 2028, in an interview with Sky F1 said: “Why would you want to leave when you’re already in the best position?”

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff has stated unequivocally that the reigning World Champion is currently at the top of his list of candidates to succeed the retired Lewis Hamilton at the end of the season, but with Verstappen, the reigning champion having the fastest car on the grid. , it seems unlikely.

Max Verstappen is not interested in changing teams for purely financial reasons

The reigning world champion made it clear that he wants to continue driving the fastest car going forward. Verstappen has previously expressed concerns about his future in the aftermath of Red Bull’s internal investigation into team principal Christian Horner, in which charges against him were dropped.

Having been a Red Bull driver since his young years, he continued, saying that now there is no a “desire” to create a project centered around him.

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen (Credit: X)

Verstappen made it very clear in Miami that he would not be interested in transferring teams for financial reasons alone, even if Mercedes offered him an estimated €150 million per season to race for them. “Well, at the end of the day, these kinds of decisions are not made very easily and I’m very happy with where I am,” Verstappen told Sky Sports F1, “I want to be in the fastest car, that’s what I’ve always said with the team. That’s what we have at the moment, and that’s what we’re trying to have next year as well.”

Max is focused on winning his fourth consecutive title this year with Red Bull, dimming the lights on his rumored exit from the team. If Max succeeds in winning the title this year, he would become the fifth driver in F1 history to win four consecutive titles, just behind Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Juan Manuel Fangio.

Toto Wolff should stop pursuing Max Verstappen as a replacement for Lewis Hamilton

Verstappen has been heavily linked with leaving Red Bull for next season despite having a contract that runs until the end of the 2028 Formula 1 season and has won four of the first six races in the ongoing competition. This is because of the off-roading scandal that is currently engulfing the company. There have been rumors that Verstappen’s future may not be known until the final weeks of the current campaign.

The only practical replacement for Verstappen is Mercedes. Wolff apparently wants to “take the risk” of starting 17-year-old Italian sensation Andrea Kimi Antonelli with George Russell for the F1 2025 season in the hope of trying again for Verstappen for F1 2026 if he cannot sign Verstappen immediately.

Verstappen repeated that he was “very happy” with Red Bull and that he wasn’t thinking about his next move. F1 legend, Juan Pablo Montoya also advised Verstappen not to leave Red Bull because it would be “stupid” a decision

But as it seems, Toto Wolff should forget that Max is in Mercedes as a replacement for Hamilton until at least 2028 (that is when Verstappen’s contract with Red Bull ends). The only reason that can lure Verstappen to Mercedes is the new regulations that will come into effect from 2026. As Mercedes are said to be bringing engines equivalent to what they had in 2014, this means that their cars would once again be on the radar of World Championship contenders .

Signing Max Verstappen could potentially disrupt the team dynamic at Mercedes. While Max Verstappen is undoubtedly a talented driver, there could be concerns about how well he would fit into the Mercedes team or whether his driving style would suit the team’s car.

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