WWE Missed A Huge Opportunity With Roman Reigns Led The Bloodline

The Triple H era witnessed some of the most heated rivalries in WWE history, and fans relived the era of WWE stables making a strong comeback. In the current era, The Bloodline has been one of the best bands the company has ever seen, so fans always love to check them out. And what’s better than another strong stable?

The Hurt Business is one such group that dominated the company from 2020-2022. The Bloodline was operating during that time as well, so a clash was certainly foreseen. Now, being from different brands, the clash was avoided, but fans would love to see the confrontation.

Shelton Benjamin’s idea for The Bloodline vs. The Hurt Business is golden

Shelton Benjamin was one of those unsung heroes in the company that fans overlooked. But his association with The Hurt Business raised the credibility of the group. Partnered with MVP, Bobby Lashley, and Cedric Alexander, the group managed to hold all the gold on Raw. And who ruled SmackDown?

Jacob Fatu and Roman Reigns
Jacob Fatu and Roman Reigns (Credits- Fox News and X)

It was The Bloodline who dominated the blue brand and had all the gold. So, it is definitely a big miss because WWE fans hardly got a chance to see them brawl. Speaking of the lineup, Bobby would have been a strong match for Roman Reigns, and for the duo of Usos, Benjamin, and Alexander would have given them tough competition. But due to the end of The Hurt Business, the fans couldn’t get the matchup. It will certainly be a big miss not only for the fans but also for the authority; if executed correctly, WWE would have had a great rivalry.

“And I think the fact that there hasn’t been a Hurt Business vs. Bloodline war is one of the biggest misfortunes in professional wrestling.”

WWE got it right with The Hurt Business

Although the stable had potential, WWE did not go far enough with the group. MVP split for Omos, a giant who needed a mouthpiece and could have been the company’s next giant. However, the departure of MVP caused the group to break up when it also had no association with Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin. Although WWE had a storyline where they tried to form a new Hurt Business, it didn’t really work.

“Definitely cutting it short too soon – way, way, way too soon. I feel that even to this day there is much more that Hurt Business could offer.

But again, we don’t make those calls. That was, you know, just a decision. And like I said, love it or hate it, just have to live with it and move on.”

Omos certainly had the looks to be a star, but The Hurt Business cracked the code and gained massive popularity. Especially when it comes to fan support for underutilized stars like Cedric Alexander or underrated stars like Shelton Benjamin, it could have been a special trip if WWE had the group’s back.

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