WWE Performance Center Deserves A Lot Of Credit For The Exciting Matches At NXT Heatwave

Last week, there was enough pro wrestling to be happy about. From AEW’s Forbidden Door to WWE NXT Heatwave, fans have enjoyed the ride enjoying every event. Although under low expectations, NXT’s PLE shocked the fans with several high talking points from the PLE.

It was held as part of Money in the Bank weekend on Sunday, July 7, 2024, at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Canada. The 2024 event aired on WWE’s live broadcast platforms, a departure from the television specials of the previous two years. This was the first live NXT event held in Canada since NXT TakeOver: Toronto in 2019.

The five-match NXT Heatwave event included every championship from the brand up for grabs. Within the women’s category, there was also a pre-show tag team match. Looking closer at who was involved in these attacks, it is remarkable how inexperienced many of the performers were. Some of the men and women holding key positions have been competing for less than three years. Considering the experience that most of these talents have had, it is commendable to deliver such a solid show.

All of these performers get high marks, especially Kelani Jordan and Sol Ruca, who engaged in a nearly 12-minute headline bout that had the potential to steal the event. The WWE Performance Center is crucial to the development of future wrestling stars, even as the stars themselves receive a lot of attention for their exciting performances.

Solo and Kelani were given enough time to have an 11:36 match with positions they might take advantage of. After the match, both of them received appreciation for their performance, and people were curious to see what they would do next. While it was exciting to see them perform so well together, it is important to mention how the Performance Center paved the way for their success on the show.

Performance Center has revolutionized WWE since its formation

A few years ago, opinions began to circulate that learning to wrestle on the computer was not a smart idea. Since Tay Melo left the center and entered All Elite Wrestling, that concept grew. Although it started as an intriguing conversation, the topic grew into yet another online AEW vs. WWE argument. Due to changes in creative power, the computer has undergone several changes since then, but the most recent version produces excellent talent for the future of wrestling.

The WWE Performance Center
The WWE Performance Center (Credit-X)

The original idea for NXT was to give well-known figures from the indie scene a chance to compete in the WWE. Die-hard fans have enjoyed some great matches as a result, but WWE hasn’t always chosen performers that fit their long-term business plan. The Performance Center mixes athletes, most of whom were signed through WWE’s NIL program, with agents, trainers, and veterans to help them create matches that are well-suited to their skill set.

All things considered, the Performance Center is doing a great job of shaping professional wrestling and sports entertainment for the future.

Despite breaking multiple records, fans rank NXT Heatwave over Money in the Bank

Last weekend saw some high-profile WWE action as Money in the Bank and NXT Heatwave took over the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Canada. While Money in the Bank featured bigger names and huge rivalries, Shawn Michael’s NXT stole the show. The most shocking moment for the fans was Drew McIntyre winning the Money in the Bank and losing it in less than an hour.

Fans were not happy with the result as they wanted the company to award the briefcase to someone more deserving. Filled with several blunders, the overall show was done poorly according to several fans of the WWE Universe. On the other hand, NXT Heatwave presented tremendous shocks and kept the fans going with the excitement.

However, on the brighter side of things, Money in the Bank has been profitable for the company. WWE said in a press statement that WWE Money in the Bank 2024 surpassed recent blockbuster triumphs in the Great White North, such as WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 and WWE SummerSlam 2019, to become the highest-grossing WWE arena event in Canada in the history of the company

WWE Money in the Bank 2024 was the most-watched episode of the event in its 15-year existence in terms of viewership. The record-breaking event saw a 46% increase in viewership from the previous year’s event. Socially, the event set new records when John Cena’s retirement segment garnered over 65 million views on social media.

John Cena on his retirement (Credits- X)
John Cena on his retirement (Credits- X)

As for NXT, a new chapter begins with a lot of excitement and emotion for the fans. With the new NXT Champion crowned in Ethan Page and several show-stealing matches in one single show, fans loved the way The Heartbreak Kid led the entire event. Another strong point of the event came when Joe Hendry was introduced on the screen at the end of the event. Only time will tell how these stories will continue to work.

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