WWE Universe Hates 1 Vince McMahon Idea That Made The Shield’s Early Wrestling Less Scary

The Shield is considered to be one of the greatest factions in the history of WWE, as they have achieved enormous success in a very short period of time. Not only as a stable, but the individual success Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose obtained after it adds additional value to the legacy of that group in the industry.

As soon as this modern-day faction made their debut in the Stamford-based promotion, they were able to put the world on notice. Whether it was the aura they carried or the kind of aggression each member had, everything about them was just perfect. But the WWE Universe hates 1 Vince McMahon idea that made their early wrestling gear less scary.

In their early days, as a stable in the Triple H-led promotion, The Shield used to wear face masks. But the previous CEO, Mr. McMahon, decided to drop it from their gear because he felt it wasn’t the best thing for them. Since the mask used to hide their faces, Kennedy decided to remove it from their gear in the organization.

Although the faction was able to achieve almost everything possible in the company, things could have been different if the mask was still there. Looking at the way fans loved it and the kind of success it could have achieved in terms of its sales, the decision to remove the mask also affected the financial benefits WWE was able to achieve.

The Shield suffered because of Vince McMahon’s decision

Vince McMahon decided to remove the mask from The Shield’s early wrestling gear, and the faction suffered because it made them look less intimidating. Fans probably also feel the same way, as they shared such responses to this revelation. Speaking about this, a fan from the pro wrestling audience said, “Worst decision ever.” (Through: X)

Fan reactions to the decision
Fan reactions to the decision (Credits- X)

Showing how this must have been a mistake, someone commented, “This for me was the biggest bummer.” “The masks made them worse,” another WWE Universe member wrote while sharing how the mask made the group’s entrance look really cool, and it should continue to be a part of their gear.

Vince McMahon was about to make another huge mistake with The Shield

While fans have shown their disappointment with Mr. McMahon’s decision to unmask the faction, that’s not all. In fact, Vince McMahon was about to make another huge mistake with The Shield even before the stable made its debut on the main roster.
As revealed by former WWE Champion Big E, he was originally supposed to be part of this historic faction, and that too in the place of Roman Reigns. The New Day star shared this during an interview with Cincy360, as he revealed that he was originally supposed to play Reigns’ character in this high-profile trio.
Looking at the kind of success Roman achieved as part of the group, it’s safe to say it would have been a mistake. But, since it didn’t happen, The Shield was able to make an impact in promoting Triple H. On the other hand, Big E Langston also achieved a lot during his career in the company, so the decision probably helped both parties, as they established their own special reputation in the industry

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