WWE Universe Sends Prayers to Kevin Owens’ Family As His Mother Fights for Her Life

WWE delivered the final show before MITB 2024 with the latest episode of SmackDown, and it was memorable, to say the least. While the blue brand had several memorable moments, the most talked about superstar after the 2 hour long show on Friday night was Canada’s own Kevin Owens.

But the reason behind this is not something that anyone from the professional wrestling community would want as it has to do with a medical emergency in their family. During his promo on SmackDown, Kevin talked about how the last five days have not been easy for him, as his mother has been fighting in a hospital.

The Prizefighter revealed how he received an emergency call from his family about how his mother was hospitalised, and he rushed to Canada. Owens added how he could have missed this week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown, and no one on the leadership team would have had any problem with this decision.

But Kevin Owens revealed that if he did that, his mother would not have been happy with him, because she always encouraged her towards her passion. This revelation of the Canadian-born in-ring star attracted the attention of the audience, and people prayed for the well-being of Kevin’s mother.

Fans share their support for Kevin Owens and his family

As soon as The Prizefighter shared that his mother was in the hospital, the WWE Universe began to share their support for Owens and his family. Sending prayers for the former Universal Champion’s mom, someone in the audience said, “Prayers for KO’s mom.” (Through: X)

WWE Universe shares support for Kevin Owens and his family
WWE Universe shares support for Kevin Owens and his family (Credits- X)

Showing how the segment was really emotional, a fan wrote, “I was so close to tearing up.” “She raised an incredible son. Sending love to Mrs. Steen,” another member of the WWE Universe stated. “We love you Kevin. Prayers for Mama Owens,” a pro wrestling enthusiast wrote talking about Kevin’s revelation.

Kevin Owens talks about the importance of his mother in his professional career

As evident by the promotion of The Prizefighter in the latest episode of the blue brand, it was obvious that he was quite emotional. In fact, Kevin Owens talked about the importance of his mother in his professional career, as he shared how his family gave their best to help him make it big as a professional wrestler.

Kevin Owens with his mother
Kevin Owens with his mother (Credits- StarsUnfolded and X)

Kevin shared that he was 11 years old when he discovered this industry and how his parents gave everything so he could live his dream of working in WWE. These comments from Owens made the audience aware of the veteran’s journey in the wrestling world, and it is clear from his promo that he is desperate to make an impact during his match at the MITB 2024 PLE in Toronto, Ontario.

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