WWE Veteran Had Enough After CM Punk Cost Drew McIntyre a Career Defining Match in Scotland

WWE delivered in a big way to their fans in Scotland, as Clash at the Castle ended up being one of the most entertaining PLEs in recent history. While the entire card was exciting for the pro wrestling audience, the biggest highlight of the night was the main event match as hometown hero Drew McIntyre challenged Damian Priest for the World Heavyweight Championship.

The crowd was extremely hot for this encounter as fans in Glasgow wanted The Scottish Warrior to get his hands on the prestigious title again after losing it within 5 minutes at WrestleMania 40. The WWE Universe wanted McIntyre to win, and Drew dominated the majority. of the match, but he was unable to emerge victorious when CM Punk made an unexpected return.

The referee was taken down in the middle of the match, and when Drew McIntyre went for the pin, a new official came running towards the ring. But to everyone’s surprise, it was none other than The Second City Saint. As soon as Drew realized it was his archrival, he grabbed him by the throat and took Punk into a corner of the ring.

But The Best in the World came prepared with plans as he used a low blow on McIntyre to deal him extreme damage. This allowed Damian to take advantage, and in the meantime, the referee also returned to the ring. As he counted the three-count, The Judgment Day star retained his title as Punk cost Drew McIntyre a career-defining win at the Scotland PLE.

CM Punk’s interference invites criticism from WWE commentator

As The Second City Saint made his return to cost Drew McIntyre a title win, the crowd in Drew’s home country was extremely furious with Punk. But they were not the only ones in this situation, as the interference of CM Punk invites criticism from a commentator, because the WWE Veteran has probably had enough of him.

It was none other than Wade Barrett, as he said during his commentary duties, “They need to fire CM Punk.” In fact, Barrett stood by what he stated during the post-event as he said, “I repeat what I said, CM Punk needs to be fired from WWE.” Such a reaction from him shows how he is extremely unhappy after McIntyre’s loss at Clash at the Castle.

Fan reactions to CM Punk's interference
Fan reactions to CM Punk’s interference (Credits- X)

Similarly, the audience also expressed their disappointment, as one of the listeners said in X, “I want to cry why do they keep doing this to Drew.” “I want Drew to win to win as much as everyone wanted Cody lol,” another fan commented mentioning how he is as invested in seeing McIntyre get his moment as everyone had to watch Cody Rhodes finally finish the story.

Drew McIntyre vs. CM Punk has now gotten even more personal

As Punk cost Drew another huge match, Drew McIntyre vs. CM Punk has now become even more personal. Ever since The Scottish Warrior and The Best in the World started this feud after Royal Rumble 2024, their rivalry has probably been the most talked about feud of the Stamford-based promotion, and it looks like WWE has decided to deepen things in front of theirs. eventual battle.

With everything The Second City Saint has done to screw up Drew’s dream of becoming the World Heavyweight Champion, it’s true that McIntyre will be angry with him. And it guarantees a further improvement in the intensity of their feud. Since CM Punk looked fit for in-ring action during his interference, it looks like WWE will give fans this dream match at SummerSlam 2024.

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