WWE’s Huge Mistake As Cody Rhodes vs. AJ Styles Was Extremely Hard To Miss

A glitch at the start of the event was not what anyone expected at WWE Clash at the Castle in Glasgow, Scotland. The show featured five highly anticipated bouts promising to be a great event. The event began with a brutal match between AJ Styles and Cody Rhodes for the Undisputed WWE Championship. As everyone was ready for the veterans to show off another classic, a major blunder was seen on live television.

A huge mistake was made by the production staff during the introductions for the I Quit match between Cody Rhodes and AJ Styles for the Undisputed WWE Championship. The American Nightmare had the wrong championship declared on his lower-title name card in addition to an incorrect name.


For whatever reason, his name appeared as a “Talent Name” in the title graphic, indicating that he was part of the Women’s Tag Team Champions. It wasn’t the kind of start the WWE production team envisioned, and it took seconds for the people on social media to mock and make memes about it. Although it was seen by the fans, it appeared for almost a second before being removed by the production team.


The crowd from Scotland were pumped to see the American Nightmare open the show with their dominating performance. As Rhodes declared that he would go as brutal as he could go, he did everything he could to defend his title and was successful in a heroic effort.

“Someone’s fired for this,” fans jokingly troll WWE management after Cody Rhodes’ epic name-dropping.

As soon as the graphic error was seen on television, fans immediately mocked Rhodes and the WWE production team for having such a mistake. “It’s my favorite wrestler Talent Name,” and “Ah yes my champion Talent Name,” various users said about the mistake in the Champion’s name. Others mocked the administration saying “Someone got fired for that mistake” and “You know someone in production is embarrassed about that one right now.”




Being the first match on the show, fans did not expect to see such a misstep by the production team. This also puts Triple H in a bevy of questions after his remarks about WWE’s improved production quality.

Cody Rhodes had several unwelcome guests after his impressive showing at Clash at the Castle

The match itself between Styles and Rhodes delivered in every aspect. From brutal attacks from the challenger to a dominating display of charisma and determination from the champion, the match had everything fans needed. Cody handcuffed Styles to the ropes and unleashed heavy chair shots showing his brutality. The American Nightmare then proceeded to get the steel steps to pour more damage.

Cody Rhodes and Solo Sikoa
Cody Rhodes and Solo Sikoa (Credit-X)

As he prepared to hit the steel steps to a handcuffed Styles, The Phenomenal One had enough and yelled “I Quit” ending the match in the process. As Rhodes looked to celebrate his victory in style, Solo Sikoa was waiting for him in front of the titan throne. It was then followed by an attack from Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa. The match turned into a brawl after Randy Orton and Kevin Owens evened Cody’s side. It’s anyone’s guess where the rivalry will go from here, as the Bloodline closes in on Cody once again for another cinematic storyline.

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