‘You tried to intimidate a minor’: Internet slams Joe Gorga as ‘RHONJ’ star defends argument with son’s referee

TROY HILLS, NEW JERSEY: Melissa Gorga chastised her husband, Joe Gorga, for his aggressive behavior that got him kicked out of their son Gino’s wrestling match. However, “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” husband appeared to blame another child, creating outrage across the internet.

“OK, so you lost your cool,” the “RHONJ” star told Joe on the Jan. 11 episode of his PodcastOne show “On Display with Melissa Gorga.” “You overreacted,” she explained.

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The star's motivational message
‘RHONJ’ Star Joe Gorga Takes No Responsibility for Being Kicked Out of His Son’s Wrestling Match (Instagram/@joeygorga)

Joe made news after a video emerged of him rising from the stands on Jan. 6 to intervene as his 16-year-old son was pushed to the ground by an opponent at the Parsippany Hills High School gymnasium. As Joe stated in “On Display”, he thought the referee made terrible decisions to Gino’s detriment.

Before the father of three could reach the referee, school staff and parents intervened to end a violent and escalating conflict.

Joe’s rep later told TMZ that he never meant to hurt anyone and that his emotions got the better of him. He also said he was “proud” of Gino for handling the situation like a “class act”, maintaining his composure despite the heated tone of the parental outburst.

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All About TRH shared part of the podcast on Instagram, where Joe and Melissa took no responsibility for the explanation of their son’s wrestling event. Additionally, they both accused the opponent of playing dirty.

Joe continued by recounting how the child playing in front of his son was irritating him with his naughty play. As Melissa attempted to justify Joe’s anger at the young adversary, viewers flocked to the comments section to criticize the “RHONJ” husband.

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One user commented: “No parent should ever charge a referee during a damn match. It’s embarrassing to think that’s okay.” Another user added: “Everyone is sick of the gaslighting…I’m sorry but no one buys it anymore!”

One user joked: “So he’s blaming a kid for his bad behavior…..got it!” A fourth person added: “This is so crazy they need help.”

Some also noted, “They are just lower class.” While others mentioned: “NO AT THE END OF THE DAY YOU TRIED TO INTIMIDATE A MINOR AND MADE YOUR CHILD CRAZY IN FRONT OF THEIR TEAMMATES!!!”

One user claimed to have been at the match, sharing: “Um I legit watched this match and nothing was dirty about it! It’s wrestling haha. The match lasted two seconds and the opponent won. I can’t believe they’re talking about this.” “It’s someone’s child. They really shouldn’t have said anything. They should have kept moving forward.”

Others called him out, saying: “These people are twisting everything. The video clearly shows that the kid didn’t stick his tongue out until AFTER the princess charged at him, smh.”

'RHONJ' Star Joe Gorga Accused of Being a 'Scammer' After Claiming to Be a 'Non-Lawyer Associate' at Law Firm.  (Instagram/@joeygorga)
‘RHONJ’ Star Joe Gorga Slammed for ‘Child Blaming’ After Getting Kicked From Son’s Wrestling Match (Instagram/@joeygorga)

“RHONJ’s Joe Gorga Says ‘Leave Me Alone’ After Arguing With His Son’s Wrestling Referee

Joe had no idea the encounter had been caught on video and would be made public, complaining to his wife that “his whole life” was like a reality show.

“I can’t even go to a wrestling match anymore. It’s a reality show. Everything is a reality show,” the business owner said. “It’s ridiculous.”

Joe also issued a stern warning to anyone considering exploiting future private moments.

“Leave me alone,” he demanded. “Let me be with my son or something, God!”

'RHONJ' Star Joe Gorga Slammed for Calling Himself 'Father Joe' (YouTube/Bravo)
‘RHONJ’ Star Joe Gorga Wants to Be Left Alone (YouTube/Bravo)

How old is Gino Gorga?

Melissa took a moment to honor her son in September.

On September 12, the “RHONJ” artist shared a series of images with her son Gino on Instagram to celebrate his 16th birthday. The first shot shows the two posing for a selfie in a car while wearing matching white T-shirts.

Other photographs show Gino playing golf, smiling with his mother at an event and hugging the rest of his family. Melissa and her husband Joe have two sons, Gino and Joey, all aged 13, and a daughter, Antonia, aged 17.

Gino Gorga, Son of 'RHONJ' Star Joe Gorga, Turns 16 in 2023 (Instagram/joeygorga)
Gino Gorga, Son of ‘RHONJ’ Star Joe Gorga, Turns 16 in 2023 (Instagram/joeygorga)

What is RHONJ’s Joe Gorga doing now?

Joe owns several businesses, including a gardening and trash company. He also owns and rents numerous properties.

In 2020, a tenant sued him for slip and fall. Most recently, he was sued for $17,000 by Starlite Window for overdue money owed to the company.

Joe teamed up with his sister, Teresa Giudice, to start an Italian restaurant shortly after their mother passed away. Unfortunately, less than a year later, the family was forced to close Gorga’s Homemade Pasta & Pizza due to a disagreement with their business partners.

Melissa then blamed “shady management” for the disaster. However, she promised her followers that the family would return to the food industry.

According to OK!, Joe has turned his attention to flipping properties in New Jersey. He reportedly made more than $2 million from selling two flipped residences in January 2020.

Barely a week later, he announced that he had sold another house for more than $700,000. Throughout January, he shared a number of other photographs of flipped properties, all of which he said were completed within a few months.

Previously, Joe hosted real estate consulting workshops called “Grow With Gorga.” Regularly priced tickets ranged from $149 to $299, with the most expensive package reaching $10,000.

Daryn Carp hosted a conversation between “The Jersey Guys” on Day 3 of BravoCon 2023, during which they finally cleared the air. Reza had explicitly asked Joe about his real estate activities.

“Definitely real estate,” he said.

“Like passive income? I say every month is my birthday. Because you want to have money no matter what happens if you don’t work. … Geez, apartment buildings are what I do in the life.”

Joe Gorga is infamous for going back on the money he owes people.  (Instagram/@joeygorga)
RHONJ’s Joe Gorga started doing stand-up comedy again in 2023 (Instagram/@joeygorga)

Although Melissa’s husband has a background in construction, he has also been pursuing a career in comedy since 2019. Joe made his stand-up debut alongside comedians Tammy Pescatelli and Mike Marino in the winter of 2019, and his next comic move has come full circle. in October 2023.

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